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Top 10 Online Image Compressor Tools | Image Compressor To 20kb #2022

If you constantly need to upload pictures online for websites or for other work then you must know the trouble of uploading pictures and how long they take. And not just while uploading but large images can also be difficult to downloading too, and that’s where image compressor tools come in handy.
With online image compressor tools, you can easily compress the images so that they will load faster. Here we have picked up the top 10 online image compressor tools for you!


CompressJPEG has a really simple drag and drops mechanism which makes it an easy to use image compressor tool. Just pick the photos which you wish to compress and reduce their size using this tool and after the process is finished you can easily download it. It is a super easy and super impressive image compressor tool.


We are starting our list of best online image compressor tools with giftofspeed. The reason why placed this image compressor tool on number one is that you can compress a variety of images. And it also compresses your PNG and JPEG image donated separately. With GoftOfSpeed you easily compress your image to the lowest size possible. Apart from this, you can also resize your image for better performance.
If you wanna check whether your images are well optimized on your blog or site then you can use its image delivery tool. You will find many other tools that you can use to compress your image. Overall it’s one of the best and easy to use online image compressor sites.

Another best image compressor tool is which is popular for its reduction of images to their smallest size possible while maintaining g the quality of images. It is also a very flexible image compressor tool where you can compress the files such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.
You can compress the size of your images up to 90%. And that’s is why it is one of the best online image compressor tools. You can easily export the files from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also bookmark files for their future use.

Tiny JPG

Tiny JPG is also a very popular image compressor tool is mostly used to compress jpg or png files. It’s absolutely free to use and you can compress the image files with many possibilities. You can upload 20 images at a time with a minor limit of 100 images per month.
You can easily download the images in your cloud space such as Dropbox and save them. With many many impressive features, it is becoming of the popularly used image compressor tool.  Although the size should not be more than 5 MB for each image.


If you are looking for an easy to use image compressor tool then CompressNow might be the best choice for you. You can easily select the compress percentage for your image and directly upload them from your computer. JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc are some images that are supported by CompressNow.
Up to 10 images can be uploaded from your this online image compressor tool. Anyone can use the tool even without having a tech background. You can just go to its site and select the compression level and that’s it! You are ready yo go.

JPEG Optimizer

JPEG optimizer is another leading image compressor tool that you can rely on when you want to upload many images at once. It is one of the easiest and simple image compressor tool that you can find. The only limitation you will find in this image compressor tool is that it only compresses JPEG images.
Other features include resizing of images so that it can fit your criteria and can be easily uploaded with reduced size. JPEG optimizer also came up with an EXIF reader which can be helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to go to this image compressor tool if you have JPEG images that need to be compressed. is also a popular name in the image compressor tool industry. It comes with many amazing features, for starters you can compress your JPEG, PNG, or GIF formate files to reduce their size to the lowest. You can also download the files in zip formate nor one by one compressed photos.
The best thing not this image compressor tool is that you can easily export or import the files from dropbox or google drive. comes in both a free and pro versions. Its free version allows you to compress a total of 100 MB of photos.


People have loved the ImageRecycle image compressor tool for its impressive results, the fact that you can compress JPEG, PNG, GIF, and even PDF image files in one place makes it one of the best online image compressor tool. It is really simple to use with its drop and drag mechanics through which you can easily recycle the size of images.
ImageRecycle comes with a WordPress Plugin, Shopify app and so much more so that you can save the trouble of going to their sites.


JPEGMini is also a popular image compressor tool these days. Here you can easily reduce the size of the image to maximize its loading speed. JPEGMini gives you a chance to review the before and after compressed images so you can get the idea of the quality of images.
This image compressor tool takes good care of the quality of images and that is why we have placed it in our list of top 10 online image compressor tools.

Compress.Photos has also gained massive popularity because of its impressive features that make it one of the best image compressor tool. Easily compress your JPEG and PNG image files without losing the quality. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use.

So here we have listed all the top 10 online image compressor tool and we hope you will find whatever you were looking for.

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