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Top 10 Best Offline Anime Games For Android Mobile #2022

Most of us loved to play games in our free time because games are the best remedy to make us feel refresh. There are a lot of games on the Google play store in which we get confused between different games.

Don’t worry we are here to tell you which game is perfect for you to play. Anime games are the best games for playing and loved by most of us. These games are the games based upon the original storyline of Japanese cartoon characters. It doesn’t matter whether they are adventurous or love games. We find both types of games.

Here is the list of some best Anime games which we can share with you after a lot of searches so you can get the greatest experience by playing these games.


Dragon ball legends

It is the type of action game for people who love to do battles. You can play this game with 3D characters with their voicing to get real-life experience. This game is based upon the original storyline so you can experience the new adventures.

In this game, you can fight a real-time battle against DB fans all around the world. You can experience easy controls and special moves with a single touch of a finger.

You can also power up your character so that you can crush the competition. This game comes up with new features and challenges daily to make the game more interesting. It is the best Anime Android game you can ever download in your phone and play.


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle

This game is very adventurous in which we can relive the Anime action in fun role-playing video game story events. In this game, you can play in different events like Dokkan events and world tournaments to fight against your enemies.

As you level up your game you become a Hardened fighter. Lots of new challenges are waiting: Extreme Z battle and super battle road. You can create your own dream team in this game by team up with Goku and other rivals like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. You can also powerup your team characters and then fight against your enemies with different strategies.

This thing sounds very interesting and made this game best.


Ultimate Ninja Blazing

This game is for the Naruto’s fan because it is based upon the original storyline of Naruto. In mission mode, you can experience a Ruto’s life experience. You can fight against your enemies with your favorite naruto’s characters. You can level up your game by master your field skills.

You can also discover the new ninjutsu and become the next top-ranked in the first-ever Ninja Android game.

You can make your own team with 100+naruto’s fighters and fight against your enemies by train your team. Because each one in your team has different abilities and tactics to fight against your rivals. You can experience the real-life battle experience in this game. This made this game unique and amazing.

One-piece treasure cruise

This game is best for people who are adventure loving. Itis an epic pirate anime game based upon the popular One Piece world. You can also relive your favorite moments from the original One Piece storyline.

You can take Luffy and his crew of Straw-hat Pirates on an RPG adventure to find the One Piece treasure. You can also make a new pirate crew of yourself and control them to find the treasure. This game is very mysterious as well as interesting.

You can review the story arcs which can happen a long time ago with story mode. This feature sounds very interesting.


Naruto X boruto Ninja voltage

This is a type of game for action-loving people. Ninja Voltage is a  strategic action game based upon the popular manga ninja world of Naruto’s. In these games your all the favorite characters are united from Anime Boruto: naruto’s next-generation, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto x Boruto.

In this game, you can grow your own resources and build a  Ninja fortress system. You can protect it from enemies by fighting battles. You can also make up your team and fight battles. You can also win by conquering your enemies fortress.

You can experience the 3D Anime world and earn rewards by fighting battles. These things made this game very interesting and fun-loving.


Ninja awesome

This game is as awesome as Ninja. You can jump, dive, slide and throw shuriken to kill your enemies. It’s the best Ninja game you are ever tried. You can collect coins in these games.You can powerup your level with the coins and get new challenges daily. This game is fun and addictive.


Shadow time

It’s the mind-blowing   Anime love story game with having lots of fans all around the world. This is a love story game with virtual reality elements and RPG with beautiful manga characters. This game is very thrilling because in this game you can create your own love story.

It is based upon choices you can make and that decides your destiny. Your true love is waiting for you. .You can also change the storyline by making good decisions in critical situations. You can create your character according to you and then find your Prince charming.

It isn’t it sounds interesting? If you once are download this game you never live without playing this game many times a day.


Dream girlfriend

Itis a type of game that has fans all around the world and has a million downloads. In this game you can customize your girl just like your favorite character.  2D technology feature adds more emotion to your favorite character.

You can create 4 characters at once. In this game, there are 12 different characters with their huge sound variation. The most fascinating feature of this game is that it is updated regularly with new events and campaigns this is the best Anime game for all Android phones.


Midnight Cinderella: Otomegame

It’s a very amazing game with a beautiful combination of destiny and fate. Midnight Cinderella is a  type dating game filled with gorgeous men characters who can’t wait to romance you. This game is based upon the storyline of the  Cinderella.

You can create your own love story which can be unpredictable by anyone. You can find your Prince charming in this game. You can also win 5 free tickets daily so that you can reach the end of your amazing love story easily. You can also win an amazing wardrobe with clothes and accessories to design your character.

This game is really awesome and addicting.


Anime dress up: game for girls

This game is for girls who love to do fashion. In this virtual beauty/makeover game, you get to style beautiful girls. AnimeDress up is one of the bestgame on Google Play store. This game gives you the chance to dress  all the characters according to your choice. Every girl loves to wear new dresses and do makeup daily. It’s a cute game in which you can get to know about different dress combinations You can love the high quality graphics and awesome outfits. There are millions of combinations you can choose to dress up your character. This is very interesting and awesome.



From this article, we get to know about the best games which we can download and play. As we find that, there is both type of games –  adventurous as well as love games. We find all the things in these games which we expect to be in any games.

The most beautiful part is they are based upon cartoon characters.  So from this article, we concluded that Anime games are the best games for both girls and boys. Now download your favorite game and have fun.

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