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15 best Off Page SEO Techniques #2022

 SEO isn’t a new word for those who run a website for quite a while now. But people who just started a website might not fully aware of what an SEO is, SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. That means you use certain techniques to grow your website and it’s visibility on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and so on.In order to do that you to do two things OFF page and ON page techniques. On-page refers to what we put on our website like title, description, content internal linking, etc. Off-page refers to making our website popular and gains more visibility on search engines.  Here we have 15 best off-page so techniques-

#1 Forum submission!

 Stay in touch with the search forum which is related to your website and try to participate with them as much as you can do to gain the popularity of your website. Do participate Q&A segments, offer advice and give suggestions. This will not give you the image of an expert in your field. Don’t forget to share links of your website and ask them to check out your page.

#2 Social Bookmarking!

Social bookmarking isn’t a new SEO technique, as it is widely popular for boosting traffic to your website or blog. some popular social bookmarking sites are Reddit, stumble upon, Digg and so on. This is one of the best off-page SEO technique. Make sure you always post your latest and updated blogs and post to these popular sites. More you participate in these sites more traffic you gain to your website.

#3  Blog directory submission!

Many people think directory submission as a time-consuming thing when it comes to promoting your website or providing you backlinks but with the right choice of directories, it can be really helpful for your website. Blog directory submission gives you the traffic for your website. You have to give some time but it is totally worth it.

#4  Article submission!

If your content is unique and new then you can always submit it to high rated article submission directory. This will draw more traffic to your site and surely raise the level for your website. Be specific with your title and category of your website. Popular article submission directories are Hubpages, EzineArticles, the free library, etc.

#5  Writing a blog for your website

When writing a blog for a website, you have to make sure that the content is plagiarism free and there are no grammatical mistakes in it.  Using online plagiarism software will help you to avoid any kind of plagiarism copyright issues. Whenever you write a new blog for your website, you must use an online plagiarism checker . A plagiarism checker tool will help web writers to find out any kind of Incremental plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism from their written work.

#6   Blog Marketing

Be engaged with other blogs or any Social media platforms to promote your blog or website. Comment on others blog and draw their attention towards your website or blog. Ask them to share links and backlinks. These techniques will be really helpful to gain yourself an online reputation which will ultimately result in the popularity of your website.

#7  Photos or Videos submission

If you are interested in sharing your photos and videos on popular sites then do it. It will not only make you popular but also will be very helpful for your website. As people will like or comment on your pics or videos, it will result in gaining more attention and traffic to your website. It is surely an easy way to promote your work on any platform.

#8  Infographic submission

 This is another way of being creative as making infographics and submitting them to a popular infographic submission will gain high traffic to your website and raise the level on search engines. Be careful to give reference link to your website. Some popular infographic submission websites are Reddit, Intergraph, infographics archive, etc.

 #9 Document sharing!

Creating a unique document about your website or any relative subject to your website will also be helpful off-page SEO technique. Be specific about your content and make you’re you make your document in PDF or PPT form. There are various document sharing websites are present to level up the standards and rank of your website as these documents draw attention to a good no of people. Some popular document sharing websites are scrubbed, box, issue, and many more.

#10 Question and Answer websites!

As we have mentioned earlier that by answering the questions which are asked about your website or any other relating subject to your website. This will create an image of you as an expert in your field and also gain high traffic to your website. Go to popular questions and answers websites, search for questions about your field and give them a clear answer. By doing that people will know you have a piece of full knowledge in your subject. This will surely give popularity to your website. And increase the rank of your website in search engines results.

 #11  Link Baiting!

Link baiting is also a great way of promoting your website. As unique content is hard to find and if you are able to do that for your website then people will want to link it. This surely gives hike to your website as more and more people want to see unique content.  Make sure if you use anyone else content then give their link as a reference in your website. Someone might do the same for you and this will help in bringing more visibility to your website.

 #12  Social media sites!

Social media is indeed a vital element in Seo techniques as you engage with many people and promote your website. Firstly make an account on every popular social media that is, facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc to enhance your reach to more and more people. “At present Online reputation management ” very popular these days, it helps you to gain an online reputation which results in interacting with more people and advertising your blog or website.

#13  Expert outreach!

 There are people who are good at giving reviews on online or sometimes offline platforms and not forget they have a good number of followers too. If you are able to make good content for your website then you should reach this influencer and show them your work and ask them to promote it and share links. This can be a boost to your website visibility and popularity. Hence this is very useful off SEO techniques.


 #14  Social shopping networks!

 This off-page Seo technique will be very useful for those who run an e-commerce relating site. These social shopping sites will help you to advertise and brand your website. Google product search, Yahoo online shopping, and MSN online shopping are some of the popular social shopping networks. By doing so people will find and know about the products that you are selling and resulting in high traffic for your website.

#15 Giving reviews!

 You can always give your reviews about any other websites or blogs and ask your friends to give reviews about your websites. This will help in promoting your website and give a hike to your online reputation. Some of the major Business Review sites are shooting, kaboodle, style feeder, etc.

These are considered as some of the best off-page SEO techniques which can level up the ranks of your website in search engines. Here are some other Seo techniques like local listing,  video marketing, forum marketing etc that can help you to boost traffic to your website. We hope these techniques will be useful to your website.

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