Top 10 OCR Software

Top 10 OCR Software for (windows/mac) #2022

OCR stands for optical character recognition, and OCR software is used for converting text forms that can be recognized by computer (machines). It is being used to modify or edit a document that is in hard form.
OCR software is really important for coding and other stuff so you need to pick the best OCR software for your computer to do the task. To help you make the right decision we have bought you the top 10 OCR software, so check them out below!

1. ABBY fine reader

windows  /  mac
ABBY is a reputed name in the OCR software industry and you will definitely gonna appreciate it. For starters, it is available for both Windows and Mac OS. One of its unique functions are, it also allows it’s user to edit image documents (photos scan, PDF files).
ABBY software saves your files in DjVu formats in its 11th version, and if you have it’s version 14 then it will be able to recognize 192 languages.

2. OmniPage

windows  /  mac
OmniPage OCR software is being widely used for its ability to convert almost all type of documents in MS Word or PDF formats so that it can be easily edited. People prefer this OCR software for its accuracy and its speed.
It comes with many user-friendly features like multiple document type support or cross-platform supports and it’s super easy to use and perform tasks through this software.

3. Soda PDF

windows  /  mac
Soda PDF is also considered as the best OCR software for windows and macs. You can convert almost all type of formats into PDF formats, and that ‘almost’ include 300 file formats. It’s really surprising that this one software can so much stuff.
It is not that costly as it comes with a $110 annual subscription (which is really cheap compared to other software).

4. ReadIRIS

 windows  /  mac
ReadIRIS is an OCR software that is mainly used for document scanning services. The accuracy of this software is just remarkable as it is considered as one of the best OCR software when it comes to his accuracy.
The image formats that are being supported by this software are BMP, PNG, PCX, TIFF and not to forget pdf and DjVu formats are also processed really well. Custom processing parameters are also present to source files/images.
You can directly save your extracted text to different cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, google-drive among others.
It supports page files in over 50 formats and the other amazing features include recognition of business cards. Overall you can definitely rely on this OCR software for scanning of files and changing their formats.

5. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat generally comes first in mind when we are talking about the best OCR software. You must hear of it and it is a popular and efficient as any other apps or software of Adobe. Although we don’t really need to convince you for this but since we are talking about the best features of OCR software then it’s ability to add comment and feedback sections on documents, specialized tools for scanning tables, options to compare two documents along with it’s OCR basic plus and much more is really impressive! You can easily edit the document after scanning them.
Adobe is well known for its quality and it’s a slick and seamless integration. Its price may be higher but it’s definitely worth it so you always considered this as your OCR software for windows and Mac.

6. Boxoft free OCR

windows  /  mac
Boxoft is another best OCR software that is famous for its easy and efficient works, if talk about it’s beast features then it’s the ability to extract texts from any image format comes first. And every take of it’s done with high accuracy and it also handles multiple columns very well.
It supports many languages including French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish along with with money more. You can scan your paper documents or hard form documents and it can convert them into an editable format(text) in real-time.

7. PDF element 6 pro

windows  /  mac
PDF element is one of the best OCR software for not only windows and mac but it is also available for iOS and Android and that’s what makes it more efficient and flexible in terms of its platforms!
Many languages are supported by this optical character recognition software such as Chinese, French, German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and of course English along with many other languages.
You scan and convert any type of image or scanned pdf documents that can be converted in any form as you like, such as MS word & excel, TEXT, etc. Either you wanna use it as a professional PDF editor or just an OCR it will serve you well! You may consider this software as an alternative to Adobe.


If you are looking for a free OCR software then online OCR should be your best choice. As its name suggests you will be able to convert the image format file to a text file and that too without downloading or installing it. You will just have to browse this online and you can do all kinds of basic OCR stuff.
Another unique feature of this software is you can convert the pictures taken from your camera too. Although being an online software you will need to register yourself on this site and you will be only able to convert 25 pages.

9. GImageReader

This OCR software is exclusively made for Windows users and the developers have kept in mind the needs of Windows. It has an intuitive and easy to understand interface that you will simply love. It works on a straightforward technique to change or separate content and the transformation process is really quick.

10. Microsoft OneNote

 windows /  mac
Our list of best Optical Character Recognizing software wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Microsoft OneNote. It is considered as all in one software where you can easily convert PDF documents to editable text in any format such as Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel layout and more with ease.
Its inbuilt photo enhancement tool will improve the photo’s readability. You can easily add objects, pictures, and comments! It’s the ability to split or merge any pdf file is just to the next level.
It’s easy, it’s impressive and has the best set of features to enhance your productivity so what more you can need? Install this OCR software and you won’t disappoint!

That’s our top 10 picks for OCR software and we hope you find them helpful. You can easily install or download them in your Windows or Mac OS.

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