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/ / Latest Tips – 5+ News Apps For IOS And Android 2020 | Download Now

The Internet has changed the way that we view news. Instead of having a TV producer or a newspaper editor determine the most important stuff for us and then buying into their product, we are now free to roam the waves of the Web to find the news that matters most to us. There are a ton of sites out there that deliver the news and keeping track of them all can be hard to do.

With the advent of the smartphone, there are a million and one ways to keep abreast of even the most obscure of news sources. That’s a good thing and a bad thing, and if you’re looking to fine-tune your exposure, a news app is a must. But which are really worth your time? We took a look at the best news apps available on both iOS and Android and picked out our favorites. If you’re looking for a newsworthy companion app, find one that works well for you.

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Google News

If you’re already heavily invested in the Google ecosystem, or just want a simple and straightforward news app, then Google News is a great addition to your newsstand.With Google News, you get a personalized briefing that is tailor-made to suit your preferences and taste. Your briefing contains the top five headlines of the day, and you can dive into various categories and topics for the biggest headlines in those areas as well. Find an area or source that you love? Add it to your favorites for quick access. There is also support for local news, which is ice. Google News is a great way to catch up with the day’s biggest headlines at your own pace if you don’t mind Google being behind it all.




Feedly is one of the most popular news apps out there. It’s an RSS reader. That means you can pull from a variety of sites and sources. The goal is to build your own news network from places that you trust. It comes with integration with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. Additionally, you can access your feed on your mobile phone or on your computer with their website. It’s a rock solid option. However, they are switching stuff up quite a bit currently so expect some bigger changes over the next year or so. The app and service is totally free to use as well.


BBC News


The BBC is a universally respected worldwide news organization dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest topics and news stories. Unlike some other news sources, the BBC News app isn’t afraid to offer a bit more fun with its articles, and it also comes with a live-streaming news channel that’s baked directly into the app. If you opt-in, you’ll be alerted any time the app deems breaking news to be urgent enough to warrant your attention, making it a fantastic way to keep up-to-date.




Easily one of the world’s most popular news sources, the New York Times’ app contains everything you expect from a news app — breaking news alerts, offline reading, and social media sharing — but it’s also got a few features you won’t find on other apps. There are audio and video options, but one of the most forward-thinking additions is augmented reality, allowing you to gaze into David Bowie’s wardrobe, or meet world-class Olympic athletes face-to-face. Unfortunately, getting full access isn’t free, and it’ll cost you $15 for basic unlimited access to all articles, or $130 for a full year.




CNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel, and its official app functions as a condensed version of the site. It offers a wide variety of articles, and though it has a focus on U.S. audiences, you’ll also find a bunch of original CNN content that you can’t watch anywhere else. Video also plays a large part of the coverage on CNN, so fans of video news should find a lot to love here.



Flipboard is another one of the more popular news apps. It works a lot like Feedly. You can create a custom feed with your favorite news sources, sites, and other places. Flipboard differs from Feedly by being a little more flashy. It includes fun animations, large images, and a UI that gives it the appearance of a digital magazine. It also has additional features for things like discovery. It’s recommended news feature is hot garbage, but everything else about it is pretty decent. It’s also completely free if that helps.

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