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Whether you are off on a weekend tour to a local mountain or paying a short visit to your relatives, sojourns provide a brief window to enjoy your time. Most short trips are planned suddenly, leaving very little time to organize your items and put them in the backpack. Missing a crucial item in a new place can be a nightmare and may even ruin your trip altogether. In this article, we share seven must-have things in your backpack for your next vacation.

First Aid Kit

Even careful travelers can face mishaps on their trip. Keeping a tiny first aid kit with you can save you from health hazards when you get minor injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains, scrapes, and bruises. You can also help a fellow traveler in need if you have the kit with you. A first aid kit includes gauze pads, bandages, medicines for cuts and burns, instant cold packs, safety pins, a suction device, thermometer, sanitizer or alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, and medical tape.

Keep the kit in your backpack’s small compartments so that you can locate it quickly when required.

Extra Clothing

No matter what your destination is, carrying an extra pair of socks, shoes, and trousers when the weather is bad can save your day. Even in good weather conditions, you might feel the need for extra clothes if you are engaging in strenuous physical activities, sports, gardening, or simply taking care of your toddler.

When you fold your clothes neatly, they do not take up much space in your backpack either. Moreover, you can carry extra transitional gear such as cotton cardigans that might assist you when you move into warmer climates.

This is something which is very important and never ceases to puzzle – which and what kind of clothes to take, and how many.

Apart from the likes and dislikes of the person the decision should also be based on the weather conditions and culture of the holiday destination. These are very important considerations and must never be neglected.

Don’t forget to keep an empty bag to put dirty clothes.

If the weather will be warm then one should take adequate clothes, but also keep a set of warm clothes like a cap, shawl or a jacket, just in case it rains, or gets cold in the night.

Even when all the necessary precautions have been taken, the clothes will anyhow get some wrinkles after being packed. Try to pack clothes which are darker in shade as wrinkles won’t show clearly on them.

Keep one or two sets of nightclothes. Put such pajamas and tops which can also be comfortably worn while going for morning walks and/or breakfast.

One should pack more sets of undergarments as one may not be able to wash them or get them washed while on vacation.



If you are on an adventurous journey, you may well find yourself in remote places lacking the electric luminosity of urban landscapes. In such situations, having a flashlight along with some spare batteries becomes a necessity. Whether you wish to read a few pages from your favorite book before dozing off or want to get back to your camp after an early sunset, a personal light source always comes in handy.

For your convenience, choose a light that is compact and lightweight. LED flashlights consume little power and can serve you for longer durations.

Pen And Paper

Although it may sound old school, especially when you have gadgets at your disposal, a pen and paper can be crucial in certain circumstances. Having writing instruments helps you jot down information quickly, saving you the time for switching on your gadgets on every occasion. In wet weather, you might have to keep your mobile devices tucked in, and a pen and paper can help you note down your directions, timings, and the day’s schedule. Sometimes, a pen and paper can help you fill out forms, sign documents, or write applications to the local authorities.

Phone Charger and Power Bank

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Most travelers in this day and age depend on electronics. If you are one among them, keeping your gadgets charged is a big deal. If you leave your phone’s charging adapter at home, there is very little chance of finding a replacement at your destination if it is a far-off habitation. You can buy a separate charger exclusively for keeping in the backpack.

Similarly, a power bank can power your gadgets in places that have pathetic electric supply. Depending on the duration of your trip and the power usage of your devices, buy a compact power bank. Some power banks also come with flashlights, which is a bonus if you are not carrying a separate light source.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Most young adults can not pass a day without good music, whether they are at home or traveling. Music can counter the stress of journeys and help you settle in a new place. Headphones also counter the solitariness and boredom you may encounter at your destination. Therefore, carrying noise-canceling headphones in your backpack is essential.

Noise-canceling headphones specifically assist in obliterating background noise that may irritate when listening to music. These headphones come in different shapes, and you should choose one with extra cushioning for comfortable use.

Recreational Devices

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A sojourn should be able to provide you with adequate relaxation and a break from your monotonous work schedule. Recreational devices can make your time enjoyable, especially if you are traveling alone. Handheld gaming devices, roller skates, and foot scooters are popular recreational stuff that helps tourists make the most out of their trips.

For more self-possessed travelers, a pachamama synthetic device is an ideal companion for pleasantly enjoying the surroundings.

Waterproof Mac

A waterproof mac with a hood will be your savior during your trip. The weather around Europe can be unpredictable, so be prepared with waterproof layers if you’re traveling to cities that are prone to rain. Try and find a lightweight mac that’s easy to pack (a pack-a-mac is always a good shout and you can buy them cheap on Amazon or Primark).

Sleeping Bag Liner

A sleeping bag is always handy to have – especially if you’re a bit of a germaphobe. They’re light, they’re easy to pack and they make for the perfect bed lining if you’re sleeping in a tent or hostel.

Painkillers and Medicine

It’s always good to have some medication on the road. Painkillers or allergy tablets will come in handy for headaches, muscle aches, period pains, stomach aches – so keep some on you just in case. Always carry Imodium or Dioralyte too.

Travel Wallet
It’s a good thing to be as organized as you can when you travel, to steer clear of the chaos! A travel wallet is just the right accessory you need. Use it to organize all your important documents, such as your Passport, travel tickets and the likes. Along with your documents, you can use them to store currencies, your credit cards, hotel key cards, and many other things that might come in handy.

Sunscreen, Moisturiser & Lip Balm

When you’re traveling, sunscreen is one of the most important travel accessories. It will protect you from the harmful UV rays and keep your skin unharmed. If you’re traveling by air, apply some sunscreen during the flight as well, especially if you have got a window seat. Carry your moisturizer and lip balm along with the sunscreen, so that your skin stays moisturized and you look amazing in all your pictures.

For a safe online shopping experience, check out InterMiles’ Shop platform. Purchase all your travel essentials on Amazon and earn miles!

Face Masks & Sanitisers

Considering the current scenario, we’ll have to wear face masks in public. You need to make sure that these masks are comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Along with these masks, don’t forget to carry a small bottle of sanitizer in your handbag as airports and railway stations receive a lot of people on a daily basis and it’s crucial for you to take care of your hygiene and wellbeing.

Travel Pouch

This is one of the best travel accessories. You can fill up a travel pouch with the things mentioned above like extra face masks, sanitizer, sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, toiletries, and medicines. This way, you can get some weight off your backpack and wouldn’t even have to bother to get it from the cabin. You can also fill some snacks in it, just in case you feel hungry or want something to munch on as you enjoy your book or movie on the journey.


When it comes to toiletries, take only the essentials. If you can live without it or survive with a different brand for a day or two, leave it at home.

Choose a hotel or an Airbnb that provides basics so that you don’t have to bring soap or shampoo.

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Contact solution, if needed

Basic makeup, if needed

Soap, shampoo, and conditioner (only if not provided by your accommodation)

Consider if you can pool resources and share the packing burden with your travel companions. Do you each need to bring your own bottle of sunscreen or can one person bring a bottle for everyone to share?

If you forget anything, just grab a cheap option at your destination. You can bring home any leftovers so that you aren’t being wasteful.

Toiletry Bag

My toiletries go into just one bag: the aptly-named toiletry bag. Every backpacker should have one of these – something you can easily grab and bring to the bathroom. Not any bag will do for this; it has to be sufficiently large, has some form of compartmentalization and very importantly, also has a hook.

Having stayed in so many hostels around the world, I can attest to the fact that many hostel bathrooms are not that user-friendly in terms of having sufficient space to hang your clothes and put your toiletries. Getting a toiletry bag with a hook will make your shower experience a little more convenient.

Multipurpose Shoes

You must have a comfortable pair of sports shoes so that even if you make an impromptu plan of trekking or hiking, you are sorted with that pair itself. You neither have to worry about keeping multiple footwear or canceling that trek plan. We recommend waterproof durable sneakers which will support your long walks around the city or your impromptu trek plans as well.

Trekking Gear

A basic Swiss Army Pocket Knife comes with a set of a knife, can openers, corkscrew, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener and nail filer. Clearly, such a knife has multiple uses, one of the most important ones being opening up a wine bottle or a can of beer. Other than that your safety also comes first who knows when you might need it for self-defense too.

Emergency Whistle

If your backpack doesn’t come equipped with one already… You never know when a whistle will come in handy as, when travelling, stressful situations can arise out of nowhere (although hopefully they won’t at all). It can be used if you’re stranded in a broken down car, if you’re trying to warn off a fearless animal or even if you’re stuck in a toilet cubicle and the door won’t open! You just never know…

Reading Material

You may be spending a lot of time of planes and trains during your travels so buy yourself some good books to keep yourself occupied (or an eReader to save space). City guides and phrasebooks are also good to have while you’re travelling, but these can get heavy so try and limit yourself to one. If you have a SIM card with data then you’re sorted anyway!

Board Games

Carry a pack of cards and any other board game that you and your friends enjoy playing. It’s a good way to unwind and spend time on vacation, especially if the weather forces you to stay indoors.

Final Words

When you are out for a short and adventurous trip, you should be ready for all the surprises the excursion throws at you. Keep the items mentioned above in your backpack, and you will be able to enjoy your outing more safely.

Have fun exploring!




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