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7 Best Ways To Make Money By Playing CSGO #2022

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game and it is widely popular among youth. Gamers play this game for hours without getting tired. But do you know the game isn’t just a mere time killer but you can actually make some money and for what? Just by playing your favorite game!
We know you must be already playing this game every day but as we have said earlier it might be a great idea to make a few bucks from playing your favorite game! But how? Well, we are here to tell you that! We have listed some of the best ways to make money from CS: GO and they are really easy too.

1 Participate in Tournaments

One of the easiest ways to make money playing counter-strike: global offensive CS: GO is to participate in various tournaments and play to win the prize money. If you have a great team and you believe your gaming skills for counter-strike then you should totally go for these kinds of tournaments.
There are many online websites present which held such tournaments and they offer good prize money too. All you have to do is select some good players and make a good team and go for these kinds of tournaments. The tournaments are also held on small scales too and that is the small LAN parties, here they also give a fair chance to every player to win some good money.

2 Sell your in-game items for cash

We are not lying when we say that CS: GO is a popular game and people are going crazy for it. They want to enhance their account by having more items such as skins. And the best thing about skins is you don’t have to be a top player or very skillful to win or find such skins in the game.
There are many ways to earn skins and that includes in-game skin drops or even collecting keys to the cases that might have these kinds of valuable skins.
There are many ways to sell your skins, for example, you can go to a Steam market, buy at low prices and sell at high prices to get extra steam credit.
Other than steam there are many other websites present where you can do buying and selling easier! Many people have earned thousands of dollars per week by selling their skills and you could be the one too!!

3 Sell your account for money!

Everything has a value and that stands very true when it comes to your CSGO account. If Q1 has played for many hours and you are at a good level then you have a valuable asset in the form of your game account!
Although it’s also true that CSGO takes this thing very seriously and if they found out about an account that has been sold then they might block it for real.
But still, we can’t deny the fact that it is a good way to make some money and just like they have websites to sell in-game items and tournaments you will find some sites to sell your account too.

4 Bet on tournaments

Betting on tournaments may sound unusual and extreme to some people but trust us these things happen and people do make a lot of money out of betting on tournaments.
Just like people bet on sports you can bet on tournaments or on your friends. And the best thing about this way to make money out of CSGO is the fact that you don’t need to be a pro player at CSGO! The only thing you will need to have is your strategic knowledge about the game.
But beware just like there are chances to make money there are also chances to lose money too.

5 Stream or upload content on YouTube or twitch!

It is no secret that YouTube is a great way to make some money by uploading the content or streaming it! All you have to do is have some original and good content and you can make some money for sure. We have listed some ways from which you can make a few extra bucks while streaming or uploading your content.
  • Use paid donations tool: if you have a good number of audience then it becomes easy to regulate some paid donations tool, both Twitch and YouTube have their own paid currencies which can be bought by your viewers if they wanna highlight their messages in the chatbox. You dig a little bit you find some good tools to make money on such platforms.
  • Get more subscriptions: you must know that YouTube provides a good source of money to those who have a good number of subscriptions on their channel. And the key to getting more subscribers is to provide exclusive content!
  • YouTube advertising: just like any website, youtube gives you a great platform to make money just by streaming a few seconds of ads. Another way to make good money on youtube is to share some affiliated links of products to sell. With every click on the link by your audience, you will earn some money.
These are some simple ways to make money if you have a piece of good knowledge of CSGO and stuff.

6 eSports

esports is also a popular platform to make many by taking participants in tournaments and playing for money against other teams. This platform is known for organizing tournaments once in a while, just pick up your best players for the team and play against other teams to win!

7 Become a Coach

You might think it’s an absurd way of making money but there are hundreds of players present who want to learn and if you are good you might get to pay for teaching other lower-ranked players.

So these are some of the best ways to make money playing CSGO. You ate gonna play the game anyway right so why don’t you go for these ways to make some extra bucks!

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