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Best Ways To Make Money By Playing NBA 2k19 #2022

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There are people are crazy about NBA 2k19 and why wouldn’t they it is one of the best basketball video game ever. If we say some people play this game for hours and hours without getting to a break then we are lying. And if you here then you must have been an NBA 2k19 fan too.
The difference between you and other players is you wanna play it smart and make some money out of it! And if you have any doubt on the fact that you can actually make money or not by playing NBA 2k19 then let me tell you you are right there is a great chance for you to make some extra bucks while playing your favorite game!
Let’s not waste any more time and go ahead to our article to find out the best ways to make money while playing NBA 2k19.

1 Participate in online tournaments

There is no better way to generate money by playing any game then participating in tournaments and when it comes to NBA 2k19, you can actually make a pretty good amount of money. Since the popularity of this game is high the prize offered by online tournaments won’t be less than you can imagine.
And it’s not hard to participate in these tournaments, all you have to do is to find a website that holds these kinds of tournaments every once in a while and participate in them.
You can easily find such a platform as a number of websites present online which is popular for holding these kinds of money! There are some websites present where they hold 1v1 game here only the loser will payout and you will have a good chance of winning too.

2 Trade in-game currency of 2k19

If you don’t think you can win at tournaments then here is a great way for you to make some decent money. All you need is a good amount of in-game coins to sell. As you can people are crazy about this game and you can easily find a buyer who will be willing to give you a good deal of real cash in exchange for in-game currency.
Although you will need to find a website that holds such trades for in-game coins and it won’t be that easy but once you find it you can easily cut a deal for some dollars depending on your in-game currency.

3 Sell your account.

Yes selling your NBA 2k19 account is an option and you can get a good deal of real cash too. Of course, you do need to have an account that has achieved some milestone in the game and if you have that you can go for it!
Although we wanna make it clear to you that selling and buying of game accounts is considered as illegal and many game developing and publishing companies do ban those who have found guilty of doing so! But if you still wanna go this road to make money then you can find some websites which do this business of selling and buying of game accounts.

4 Upload or stream live on YouTube or Twitch

After playing in tournaments, streaming is the most popular way to make money playing any game! And since we have mentioned it earlier that the popularity of NBA 2k19 is pretty good then grab this opportunity to make some money for yourself.
Although streaming on YouTube or Twitch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so here are few tips if you are a beginner!
Use donation tools– if you have established a good relationship with your viewer and your content is great then you can always ask from your audience to donate you some money. It’s a pretty straightforward way where your viewer’s simply donated you some money.
There are a number of donation tools present which you can use. But pick the one that accepts all kinds of transactions like PayPal, credit card, etc. So it becomes easy for your viewers to donate.
Subscriptions and channel memberships–  you must have heard is YouTube subscriptions right? Well, it works it that way, more subscriptions would mean more money! It may sound easy to you but it can be a tough job. To gain more subscriptions you will have to be original with your content.
The best way to make your viewers is to provide them with exclusive content. There are a number of tools present which helps you to create exclusive content.
Advertisement –  you must have aware about the importance of advertisement in any online business. you should know that for any YouTuber or website owner more than half of their income comes from advertisements (if their reach is massive)! You can easily show some advertisements on your channel and you will get paid for it.
But again for that you do need to have a decent number of followers/subscribers.
Other than showing advertisements you can share some affiliate links on your channel which will direct the page to the product’s sell. With every purchase made you will get a commission out of it. This one is really simple and you can recommend the product during the streaming too to encourage the purchase.
Get sponsored – getting sponsored would mean you will be get paid for promoting a brand. Once you can reach a number of subscriptions then you can easily get yourself sponsored by any brand.

5 eSports

You are a gamer then you must have heard about eSports, it’s one of the biggest gaming platforms which is popular for holding an official tournament for some popular online video game and NBA 2k19 is one of them. Simply participate in its many tournaments and leagues and get a chance to win a prize of some real cash (it will be a lot!).

So these are the few ways to make money playing NBA 2k19. Choose the one which suits you the best and earn some cash!