Money By Playing Fortnite Tournaments

7 Best Ways To Make Money By Playing Fortnite Tournaments #2022

Who doesn’t love playing fortnite? Just once you have started playing fortnite there is no way you are gonna leave it before hours of playing. Well, we can’t blame ourselves because the game is so addictive and there is no way we can stop playing it once we have started.
But do you know that you can make money while playing fortnite? Yes you heard it right the game isn’t just about killing time and having fun, you can easily make some bucks by playing your favorite game in your free time! you mas also like highly compressed pc games.
How? Well that’s why we are here! We are gonna tell you the best ways to make money playing fortnite! So let’s start our guide so that you can find some ways to make money out of fortnite!

1. Play in 3rd party tournaments!

If you are a regular player of fortnite then you must have heard of 3rd party tournaments. In case you haven’t, you should know that playing in the online tournaments of fortnite is a popular way to make some extra bucks.
There are several websites present which holds online tournaments, and players all around the world fill in and pay for their spot, to have a chance to win. The tournaments are also held on small scales that are LAN parties. Here too you can participate and compete for money.
Lastly, fortnite organize an in-game tournament and here players get a chance to win $20k! Overall if you have faith in your gaming skills then there is a great chance to win a good amount of money.

2. Sell your Fortnite account

If your account has a good number of kills and winning games then it does hold a significance value, isn’t it? You may or may not had the idea but an account holding more than 100 wins and 250+ kills is considered as a valuable account and people are very much interested in buying your account!
It may seem hard to believe but it’s 100 percent true and there are many sites available where you can go and sell your account to any buyer who is willing to pay a good amount of money. Although a number of factors do present which will add some value to it.
Just keep in mind that it’s not fully legal and if the Epic Games comes go know that an account has been sold they may ban it in future!

3. Bet on fortnite tournament!

Well, anything can be possible in fortnite! Although people have found fortnite tournaments as a surprise but little do they know there is a fair chance of winning money by betting!
Just like it happens in any sport you can choose a favorite team of yours and bet on it. Just like you, there are websites for selling an account or for playing various tournaments, there is a number of websites do present where hold these kinds of tournaments and betting things! You may wanna adopt some strategy or use your good knowledge about the game, it surely a great and easy way to make more money!

4. Stream or upload your game on YouTube!

YouTube is a great way to money and we must know about this already but not many people know that they can earn money simply by streaming or uploading their fortnite game.
There are a number of people who like to watch the fortnite game and you can be their source! There are a number of ways to make money out that and these are the following:-
  • Cost-free donations: you can ask people to donate some money and it has proven to be a really great way to make money!
  • Subscriptions: YouTube offers a tool where people can subscribe to your channel and the more subscribers you have, the more will you earn!
  • Advertising: Advertising is a great way to make money and the case is the same with YouTube. You will be money to feature advertisements on your channel. That also include featuring some links to products from many websites. There are hundreds of companies present which will give you many in exchange for featuring the links of their products or any specific advertisement!
Apart from these, you need to provide some exclusive content to your viewers so they stay with your channel. You can also search for some sponsors or make yourself a brand among fortnite community. The list is long and you will get a number of chances to make money.

5. eSports

eSport is a platform where players participate and fight for winning prize. Here players can either play independently or in a group. You will find some great ways to make money and the chances of you winning is pretty great too (of course if you are a great player!).

6. Be a Coach

If you are too confident about yourself then you should try becoming a coach. We know the popularity of fortnite is increasing day by day, and with that people are more greedy to win than ever and you can use your skills and teach others in exchange for money!

7. Boost other’s account in exchange for money
The rules are pretty simple in this case, all you have to do is just go into someone else’s account and play to boost their account! Trust us when we say that fortnite is a popular game and people are getting crazy about it!

So these are 7 simple ways to make money out of fortnite!

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