5 Best Ways To Make Money BY Playing Anthem On YouTube or Twitch

5 Best Ways To Make Money BY Playing Anthem On YouTube or Twitch 2020

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Anthem is a popular action role-playing video game. Just like any other popular game the chances to make money from this one is pretty great too. Since its a new game and many people don’t know about it so streaming is the best option from which you can make money.
In this article, we are mainly talking about how you can make money by playing Anthem on YouTube or Twitch. We have listed out some tips from which you can make money by streaming this game!

1 Use donation tools

The best and easiest way to make money while streaming is to ask your viewers to donate some money. But for that you will need some donations tool. There are mainly two kinds of donation tools present the first one is a cost-free donation tool and the other one is a paid donation tool.
In cost-free donation tools, your viewers can donate you some money without paying you directly, in these kinda tools they can easily donate you some money by playing some online games or trying out a free app. It’s easy and your viewer too would be interested.
While paid donations tool helps you to manage your donations here you can ask them to download some money via these tools. Via these tools, your audience can easily donate you via card or PayPal and whoever a donation is made, you will be notified by these tools so that you can personally thank the person who donated and pay them extra attention!
There are a number of tools present such as Steamelemts, SuperChats, Muxy, etc for Twitch and Youtube. You can easily get them and use them for your benefits!

2 Get more subscriptions and channel memberships

As a streamer, your goal would be to achieve a stable monthly income and that can be only possible when you have got a decent number of subscriptions and channel memberships on YouTube and Twitch. More subscriptions and channel memberships would mean more revenue for you.
Sure it’s not gonna be that easy, but one simple key to getting more and more channel memberships and subscriptions is to create exclusive and original content that will make your viewers wanna come back again and again! Just like donation tools, there are a number of tools present that will help you to create original and exclusive content! Once you have got enough subscribers and viewers you will earn more from advertisements or sharing affiliated links! So no matter what you are doing getting more subscribers should be your first goal to become a successful streamer and earn money by playing Anthem!

3 Advertisements

Advertisement is one of the most popular ways to make money on any digital platform! Whether you have a website, blog or YouTube channel you will need to run some advertisements to get extra revenue. The best part is you won’t have to do anything extra other than creating your regular content.
Once you have gained a specific number of subscribers and viewers you will be eligible to run ads on your YouTube or Twitch channel during your streaming and the more viewers you have, the more money you will make.
Another popular way to make money by playing Anthem on youtube and Twitch is to share affiliate links. Here you will be sharing links that will direct the page towards the product sale when it is clicked by anyone. Whenever a purchase is made you will receive some commission. It’s a pretty easy way to make money too.
But keep in mind that you will need to share some revenue with YouTube and Twitch. Just gain enough viewers and subscribers to make your income through ads.

4 Get sponsored by brands

Once you have achieved enough popularity on YouTube and Twitch you can get sponsored by brands. Where you will have to market products and you will get paid for that. It’s easy as showing advertisements but you will have to be more popular and have a large audience to get sponsored! You will also receive free stuff from brands that you will have to market and promote during your streaming!

5 Merchandise your own brand

Lastly, if you become massively popular on these platforms you can also try to set up your own brand and sell it to your audience. If you have a loyal audience and if your reach is massive then this way to make money could be big and you can actually make a pretty great number of money too. For that, you will have to be more creative and find ways to convert your audience’s Anthem love into a marketing strategy by coming up with your won brands!

So these are some of the most popular and legitimate ways to make money playing Anthem on Youtube or Twitch!

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