Make Money By Playing Apex Legends

6 Best Ways To Make Money By Playing Apex Legends In #2022

Apex legends is recently launched by EA Games and Respawn entertainment. Apex Legends is too a Battle Royale game just like fortunate and PUBG! It was released in Feb 2019 and it was a total hit.
It can be played on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. The game has received a huge response from gamers all around the world and it was clear that it is one of the best rivals to PUBG and Fortnite!
And if you have played it once you will release its a kinda game that you can play for hours! And surely the game has been very popular and with this kinda popularity, you always get a chance to earn some money out of the game.
In this article, we are gonna tell you some of the best ways to make money playing Apex Legends. Now it is time to earn cash by playing your favorite game! Sure there are many ways to earn many playing a game but since Apex Legends has been in the market for less than a year now so you will see comparatively fewer ways to earn money than any other game, but for now these are the best ways to earn money playing Apex Legends.

Streaming live or uploading videos on YouTube and Twitch

Right now the best way to make money by playing Apex Legends is to stream it on youtube or Twitch. Since it’s new its the only and popular way to do so. And as you would already know there is a great chance to earn money by streaming on youtube.
Although if you are new then you must need a few tips about how you can earn money on youtube or Twitch streaming. We have listed out a few tips for you which you can consider to make more money!


Donations a great way to make some by while you stream online is by asking donations from viewers. This is one of the easiest ways to make money. If you have some loyal audience and your content is great then there is a great chance that your viewers will donate you some money.
There are many ways to get donations. First is by cost-free donations tool, by these kinds of tools you won’t have to ask your audience to get you direct donations but they can do so by playing some online and the more activities they do, the more you will earn!
The second and most popular way is to ask your viewers to donate you some money by using something donation tools.
You can choose a tool that accepts all kinds of payment methods (PayPal, cards, etc) so that it becomes less complicated for your viewers to donate. If you will use a donation tool you will get alerts whenever someone has donated you and you can give them extra attention by personally thanking them!


if you have even noticed every YouTuber asks you to subscribe to their channel, it is because they get paid when their number of subscriptions gets to a certain number. It’s not gonna be an easy task in the starting and you do have to wait for some time to get a high number of subscribers.
The key to getting more subscribers is to provide your viewers with exclusive and original content. There are some tools for streamers available which helps you to make more exclusive content. So you can use them and make your viewers come back to your channel again and again.


just like any other online business the best way to make some quick money is by streaming advertisements on your channel. It’s one of the best and popular way to get a decent amount of only for YouTubers. Of course, for that, you do need to get a decent number of subscribers on your channel.
You can choose how many ads you wanna stream on your channel and what will be their length. It’s not a toughie as you won’t have to do any extra work to run the ads, just do your regular content creation and you will be fine!
Apart from streaming ads on your channel, you can also share some affiliate links for some products. When any viewer will click on these links, the page will be automatically directed towards the product for sale. All you have to do is to share the link and then if any purchase will be made via your shared link you will get some commission.
It’s as easy as running ads. And you can recommend the products too while streaming to encourage the sale of the products so that you get more commission!

Get sponsored

another way of earning money by Apex Legends while streaming on YouTube is to get sponsored by brands. If you have a good number of followers and subscriptions then brands will pay you for promoting their products.
It’s an easy way too but again you will have to have massive popularity. You can try to find sponsors and for that many platforms are available too. It’s as easy as running advertisements or sharing affiliated links but you may earn more money than above two.

Merchandise your brand

if you think you have gained much popularity on YouTube among the Apex Legends fans then its time to in cash your popularity. You can make your own brand and popularize it among your viewers and get some dollar bills in return.
All these ways to make money on twitch and youtube are popular but keep in mind these platforms take some part of your ad revenue but it’s still the best way to make some easy money!

Till now these are the best ways to make money but if the popularity of Apex Legends rises you will get many other ways to make money by playing it till then keep streaming the content or wait for their tournaments. Keep playing Apex legends and fine your gaming skills.

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