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Top 10 Junk file Cleaner For Windows 10 And Windows 7 #2022

If we ask what is the biggest headache for any smart device such as smartphones, mac or windows PC then it will be the junk files. Not only they occupy huge space but it also makes your device significantly slow. The performance of your Windows PC is significantly affected by the junk files.
But thankfully we have got some junk file cleaner for windows 10 and 7 which can be the best solution to get rid of junk files. We have picked the top 10 junk cleaners for your windows 10 and windows 7 which will unleash the best performance of your PC.

1 Advanced System Optimizer

Our first pick for the best junk file cleaner for windows 7 and 10 is Advanced System Optimizer. This one is an all in one solution where you can find a number of features that will help your PC to become junk-free. This junk cleaner comes with a system optimizer that will help you to remove the system junk safely.
Another great feature of this junk cleaner for windows 10 is that it comes with an inbuilt game booster which will automatically enhance the gaming performance of your PC. Advanced system optimizer is affordable and really easy to use junk cleaner so it’s a mist have if you want your PC to become junk-free.

2 CCleaner

CCleaner is also a really great junk cleaner for windows, it does multiple tasks such as cleaning junk as well as securing your windows PC. It automatically detects malware and removes it from the system. People often complain about their PC become slow when they download or install something we’ll take is because when you download or install anything a lot of junk also gets into your PC’s system and that just makes your pc to run slow. But CCleaner will significantly improve your PC’s performance making it fast and secure! It basically disables unwanted programs and applications. Overall it’s definitely one of the best junk file cleaner for windows 10 and 7.

3 AVG Tune-Up

AVG tune-up is one of the most popular and reliable junk file cleaners for windows 10. The best thing about this windows cleaner is you will get a powerful junk cleaner system that will remove all the junk files from your PC and it eliminates hidden browser traces from chrome, firefox and so on.
You will get the update notifications for chrome and other system updates so that you can keep your pc up to date. You can either download its free version or if you want some of the advanced features then you can go for the paid version, in either case, it is one of the best junk cleaners that you can find.

4 Tuneup Utilities

Tuneup utilities have become one of the most powerful junk file cleaners for windows. It may charge up to $40 but it’s totally worth it. This junk file cleaner comes with a lot of useful features that will make your PC run faster and safer.
It will clean all the junk files, it will also clean and optimize your registry. Other great features include controlling your programs that the pc won’t lag. Lastly, TuneUp Utilities will make sure no malware stays in your windows. If you want to enhance the performance of your PC then this junk file cleaner for windows is the best choice for the job!

5 PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier is an easy to use junk file cleaner for windows 10 and 7 and it is really effective. You can actually trust this junk file cleaner for removing all minds of junk from your system. It scans your pc and lists out all the programs and applications that you have installed lately. This scanning will help you to remove the unwanted programs and applications from your pc and with that junk will be removed too. It’s super easy to use and you will get a lot of customization features so that you can control the activity in your pc. It’s definitely worth a try and you will be impressed by its performance.

6 Wise Disc Cleaner

If you want to get a junk file cleaner for your windows 7 that instantly gets rids of all kinds of junks from your windows system then Wise Disc Cleaner is a perfect choice. It quickly scans the unwanted and unnecessary files and it finds the useless junk data on your pc so that you can remove them and free up some space in your pc to increase its efficiency.
Wise Disc Cleaner also cleans your internet history and cache along with browser traces from your pc. To sum up we can say that this junk file cleaner for windows 7and 10 does a pretty great job and you can rely on it.

7 Magic Utilities

Magic utilities is another best junk file cleaner for windows 10 and 7. With this, you can easily remove unwanted software and junk, along with removing browse traces and so much more. It’s easy and affordable and you will simply love it.

8 File Cleaner

File cleaner is best known for its ability to fix system errors and it also protects your privacy while doing it. It effectively uninstalls all the toolbar or browser that slows your pc.

9 Slim Cleaner

The slim cleaner is another best tool to remove junk files from your windows. It does a pretty good job of eliminating the browser traces and removing junk files from the system making your pc fast and secure. One of the impressive features of this junk file cleaner is, that it improves the battery life of your pc.

10 R- wipe and clean

R-wipe and clean is a leading junk file cleaner that keeps your pc junk-free and secures the privacy of your pc. It’s effective and easy to use and that why people trust it with your windows pc!

So these are the junk files cleaner for windows 10 and 7 which you need to get in order to remove junk files from your pc.

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