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Top 10 Tips For Traveling Internationally #2022

Are you going on an international trip? Well, you must be really excited about it, but are you prepared enough? It easy to forget about some responsibility before going to your favorite destination. But traveling internationally requires a lot of preparation and planning, something small might ruin your entire trip. Whether you are going on a vacation or business trip you need to do a little planning to make your trip a lot better and fun. So here are some international traveling tips.

1. Know about currency conversion.

No matter where are you from but your currency vary from country to country. You might be surprised to know 1 danish krone is equated to just 19 cents, so before going on your international trip just do your math. You might spend too much or waste the money unnecessarily if you are not aware of currency conversion. And when you land on your destination, just to a bank and keep enough local cash with you, some places might not accept credit cards.

2. Let your bank know you will be going International trip.

As some banks can block your card if they see any unusual activity that means if you are from Paris and your card is making payment in Budapest they might block your card and you will be out of cash in a foreign country. Also, make sure that the country accepts your cards as many countries have switched to chip and pin technology, it is much safer bug hasn’t been adopted by other countries. It can create problems for train tickets or any other local services. Also, know about the yrs section fee in a foreign as many cards levy them some to 3 percent so check in with cards that do not levy this transaction fee.

3. Bring copies of your passport.

Be precautious with your passport and bring many copies of your passports in case your passport gets stolen or lost. That will help you prove your identity and citizenship in a foreign country. You can leave a copy of your passport in your home or with someone you trust. It is really important to take care of your passport otherwise you might get in trouble.
And if something happens you just go to your countries embassy and ask for help. It makes easier for your government to reach out and help you. Be safe!

4.  Check your health

See a doctor before going on an international trip and make sure you are healthy enough to travel. And you are on some kind of medication make sure you have sufficient stock of your medication. Try to fill your prescription in advance so that you can get medicines whenever you need it. Keep all the essential medicines like for headache, for stomach or a painkiller. Always carry an eye mask and earplugs with you just in case you need them.

5. Do some local research 

You might know the famous traveling points of the country or foreign city you are visiting but that’s not enough. A city has much more to offer that isn’t on the internet so do some local research so you don’t miss out on events, local festivals and ceremonies etc. Buy the tickets in advance for the places you wanna see, this will save you from standing in long lines. Get yourself a guidebook that has all the information that you will need like maps, local keywords so you don’t have to buy pamphlets for every site you are going to see. You can also download some traveling app that might help you to guide in the city.

6. Check your gadgets

Gadgets are the need of the hour in this generation from your smartphone to a camera all are crucial parts of any trip. Bring all the gadgets with you and don’t forget to carry their charger adapters, because you can’t use a gadget unless it’s charged and every country has different plug point and voltage so it’s always safe to keep an adapter with you. Check the voltage used in the county so that you can use your appliances.
Make sure you have activated the global capabilities of your phone.

7. Packing

It’s an important aspect of traveling, whether it’s a short trip or long, vacation or business you want to pack all the right kind of clothes and other essentials. Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry on bag so that you can have something to wear if your luggage is lost.
Know the luggage rules before you step in an airport, as some countries levy taxes on extra bags and there are specifics rules about how much luggage you can carry for free. So keep minimum but all the necessary things with yourself. Don’t pack too many clothes (some just pack 20 outfits for a 3-day trip) to reduce burden.
Don’t forget to pack some snacks as you may or may not like the food over there.

8. Take business card of your hotel

You may get lost in the foreign city, by taking the business card of your hotel at least you will know where to go and show the address to taxi drivers so they can drop you at right place. Local people may or may not understand your language but they surely will know the address of your hotel.

9. Avoid crowds by being early.

As many people will be seeing that country or any famous monuments or traveling site you can avoid that by being early and have all the attention to yourself. The place will be much more beautiful if there is less crowd around you.

10. Keep a water bottle with yourself.

Buying packed water every time you get thirst may cost you much more than you have expected, keep a water bottle with you. This will save both your money and the environment.
Our last advice would be to HAVE FUN!! Cause that’s what you want at then of the day. Click lots of photos and make memories try out different food and learn the local language. Make your international trip memorable.

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