How To Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows 11

The pace at which your mouse pointer spans the area on the screen in relation to how much you move the mouse or drag your finger over the touchscreen is known as mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration is set to the center of the band by default in Windows. It also allows users to customize it to their specific requirements and preferences. This article will explain how to turn off Mouse acceleration in Windows 11.

Generally, users that require accuracy and minute monitoring of mouse movements, such as a graphical interface or gaming fanatics, should disable mouse acceleration. Anyone may, though, reduce the speed of their mouse by immediately disabling mouse acceleration on their Windows PC through the settings.

Is it necessary to deactivate mouse acceleration?

Simply put, mouse acceleration allows you to move the pointer on your screen further than you could with a wired mouse or dragging a fingertip over the touchpad. While mouse acceleration allows you to move the pointer at faster speeds and the comfort of traversing a comparatively small space when moving a device or finger, it does so at the expense of precision.

If you are a serious gamer or a graphic designer who has to utilize a mouse for detailed drawings, turning the mouse acceleration may make more sense to you than it does to a casual user.

If you utilize your computer for everyday duties like web surfing, profitability, and the infrequent gaming conference. And you don’t have a huge amount of space on your table to keep moving the connected mouse. If you consider it too stressful to move your fingers across the touchpad multiple times as you hit the edge. Then turning on mouse acceleration might be a better option for you.

Therefore, you are free to experiment and determine which option seems most comfortable to use. For example, cursor speed, precision, and accuracy can vary depending on the situation.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in the Settings App on your PC

Turning off mouse acceleration on your computer is a simple operation and only takes a few mouse clicks on your part.

  • To do so, first of all go to the Settings app by tapping on its logo in the Start Menu’s pinned apps area. You may also access the app by tapping the Windows+I buttons on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • In order to continue, head over to the Settings window and hit the ‘Bluetooth & devices’ button on the left sidebar.
  • Now,  scroll down to the right area of the window and click on the ‘Mouse’ tile from the list.
  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Additional mouse settings’ tile underneath the ‘Related settings’ portion of the screen and click it.
  • Furthermore, from the newly opened window on your screen, click the ‘Pointer Options’ button from the window’s top section. To deselect the ‘Enhance pointer precision’ item under the ‘Motion’ page, tick the checkbox next to it.
  • Lastly, at the bottom portion of the window, press the ‘Apply’ option to save the changes. Next, to close the overlay window, press the ‘OK’ button.

In this way, your computer’s mouse acceleration is now disabled. When you move the pointer on your screen, you should see a difference right away.

Here are the crucial advantages of disabling Mouse Acceleration

In order to succeed in most video games, you must utilize your hand-eye coordination. In this regard, mouse acceleration might cause severe issues in the following popular games:

Call of Duty: This is a first-person shooter game, and you won’t be able to appreciate it fully until you have complete control over your mouse pointer. You could even destroy an assignment if you don’t operate your mouse quickly either, or if you run it too quickly. During gaming, this may be really aggravating.

Overwatch: Overwatch is a rapid game that needs you to stay on the right track. Every mouse motion you make while gaming Overwatch will affect your playing. You could play badly if you waste time tweaking the mouse pointer to achieve a decent game.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite is a fast-paced construction game that demands excellent marksmanship. Even though it is a third-person game, you must continually utilize your mouse pointer. If you enable mouse acceleration, your focus may be drawn away from your foes.

Why Should You Remain Mouse Acceleration Enabled?

We discussed numerous examples explaining the disadvantages of mouse acceleration in the preceding section. In other cases, though, keeping the mouse acceleration set on may be the superior option. If your computer table is small and there isn’t enough space for a computer mouse, for instance, maintaining mouse acceleration enabled makes logical sense. You will need to move your mouse quicker in this scenario to span more space.

The new modification will take some time to get used to, but it will be beneficial to you if you have physical space constraints.

What Occurs When Mouse Acceleration Is Disabled on Your Computer?

Switching off mouse acceleration has an immediate impact, and you’ll notice that your mouse pointer now moves strangely. Initially, the new movement will appear to be somewhat sluggish. Remember that the mouse movement is now exactly matched to the cursor movements and is unchanged by displacement speed.

You will struggle to adapt to the mouse at first, but you will eventually become accustomed to it. If you find the mouse motion to be too extremely slow, simply raise the cursor speed in the mouse settings. In addition, if you desire better accuracy and precision in games, reduce the efficacy.

Is it really that terrible with mouse acceleration?

If there are no boundaries, mouse acceleration may be pretty awful, and it can also ruin your targeting abilities. The mouse acceleration is excellent for muscle control exercise when it has restrictions.


This page attempts to provide you with a better understanding of mouse acceleration as well as instructions on how to stop it. It is totally up to you whether to leave mouse acceleration on or deactivated. You may then activate or deactivate mouse acceleration depending on your preferences. You may also switch between the two to get a sense for how each one feels and decide which one is best for you.



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