How To Turn Off Likes On Instagram – Guide #2022

On Instagram, we have the feature to like the posts of the users we are following if they have a private account. Along with if the user has a public account we can easily like and comment on their post which we like. We can like their posts, videos, reels, IGTV they make and various things. 

Well, here in this article we are going to discuss the likes of Instagram’s features related to it. How can we turn the Instagram likes Instagram and how can we reactivate it again. 

If you want to turn off like on Instagram follow this process 

Well there can be various cases in which they want to hide their Instagram likes. Sometimes something can give you a mental torcher or can hit on your mind. These things can give you anxiety, pressure or sometimes it can be a reason for privacy concern. 

concerning these likes on your iPhone, one should use the latest version of Instagram on their phone to specify posts they want to hide or can also turn off the like feature from the followers to hide Instagram likes before uploading.


  • Make a normal post. Now while posting look below for an option of advanced setting which you can find on the share screen page. 
  • Now you can see an option named hiding like a hiding view count on this post. 

Well, an extra benefit is that you can change the setting anytime you wish to turn it off. 

Ways to hide like on already shared the st 

If you already post and forget to share you can follow these steps to hide the likes 

  • Go to that post and click on the three dots given on the post. 
  • Click on the hide like and comment post. 
  • Well you can’t hide from everyone. You have to select a single person.

Ways to turn off like from the post 

  • Click on the profile. 
  • Open setting then privacy. Now click on the post. 
  • Now turn off the hide like and view counts from the setting.
  • Done.

Final words 

Here in this article, we have shared the ways to turn off likes from the post. 

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