How to Track a Phone Using Android

How to Track a Phone Using Android  #2022

If you have misplaced your android device or someone has stolen it, then instead of losing temper, you should use a spy tracker to track the location of your Smartphone. Though it can be easy to find your phone if its Wi-Fi connection is on, if not, then the mobile networks and GPS can help the tracking system to find the exact location of your phone. You can also use most of the available tracking services, downloaded, or built-in if you have a Google account.

Some of the spy trackers are briefly discussed here to track different types of phones

A Smartphone can be tracked easily by using the mobile spying app, Hoverwatch.



Track a Phone Using Android 

Hoverwatch is the best phone tracker that can be used not only for tracking the location of the targeted phone and its user by using its GPS but also for recording the call history and SMSs as well as the use of social media platforms and activities on the internet through that phone.

This spy tracker uses cell towers, GPS, and Wi-Fi signals for tracking the location of the android device you want to track.





If you have to track a non-smartphone, the AccuTracking can be the right spy tracker for you. This tracker with plug & play features can easily provide you real-time information on your phone by using GPS. Along with providing real-time location of your phone, it will also report about the history of its usage as well as text and email alerts received on it.

How to Track a Phone Using Android 
How to Track a Phone Using Android

This spyware can be installed easily to get alerts about the geolocation of the phone at a fast speed as soon as you install it on your phone. It can provide a history of online usage for up to 30 days. A warranty backs the quality of this tracker for a lifetime.




Tracking your phone after you lose it

Find My Device: Find My Device is a tracker application from Google. If you have a Google account, then you can sign in your android device anytime to track, remotely erase, and lock the lost phone.

You must keep this app on while tracking the missing phone. You should enable Find My Device app by opening its Settings and go to Security & Location. You can also enable Find My Device feature on your phone by going to your Google account and clicking at Security if the option Security & Location is not available on your device.






Find My iPhone: If your iPhone has been stolen or you have lost it somewhere, then you can use Find My iPhone feature introduced by Apple in all of its iOS devices to help you in locating your phone as well as its users.

Find My iPhone built-in the system settings of every Apple device and can be managed by your account on iCloud. You should visit find on a computer to find the iPhone you have lost.

Tracking someone else’s phone with their permission

The easiest way to track the phone of someone else with his permission is to use your phone to call them and ask his whereabouts. But if you do not trust him, then you can use the following ways to find his location as well as his phone.

Google Maps: To find the location of the phone of someone else with the help of Google maps, you will have to use the app Google Latitude. You should install this app on your phone and send an invitation to the person you want to track on his phone. If that person approves your request, then you easily find his location by using Google Maps.

Find My Friends: Find My Friends is one of the best apps used for sharing location. You can use this app to find your friends on a map, as well as sharing your location with them. It also allows you to chat with your friends as well as getting information about their exact location of ETA.

It can also be used for getting directions as well as sharing news with your friends. The GPS functionality of this app can provide real-time information about the location of your friends.

iMessage and Google Hangouts: You can use iMessage to share your location with your friends if all of you are using iPhones. This feature is also available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the Hangout app of Google. This app can also be used to track the phone of your friend by using phrases like “Where are you.”

It will automatically share your location with your friends. You can also use this app for video calling and chatting online.

Tracking someone else’s phone without their permission

You can easily track the phone of someone else without his permission by using different methods and apps like:

  • Using the mobile tracker app already installed on your android phone
  • Install a free spy tracker app your phone
  • Using an Android device manager
  • Find My iPhone app

Tracking a Smartphone user

To track a Smartphone user, you can use some of the apps listed hereunder and install one of them on your phone. Most of the smartphones available these days also have built-in mobile tracking apps, which can also be used for this purpose.

Some of these apps include Find My Device by Google, Find My Mobile by Samsung and Find My iPhone by Apple. Other apps you can install on your for track others phone may include

  • AvastAntivirusandSecurity
  • Lookout
  • Preyetc.

Tracking a non-Smartphone user

Various spy trackers can also be used to track phone users even if their phone is not a Smartphone. Some of the apps you can use for this purpose may include Accutracking as well as a GPS tracking service.

Conclusions and results

Thus, you can use various types of spy trackers to track the location of a Smartphone as well as non-smartphone if you have lost it or someone has stolen it. Along with tracking the location of the phones, these apps can also be used for tracking the location of their users, with or without their permission.


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