How to Test Microphone and Camera in Webex – Test Meeting Not Working #2022

When you’re on a crucial call and your microphone and camera don’t function, it’s the worst. It is still possible to function without the camera, but the mic is a separate thing. We can all agree that it’s not a pleasant feeling to believe that everyone on the call is disregarding what you have to discuss. This article will explain to you how to test microphones and cameras in Webex to minimize mistakes during meetings.

Perhaps you’ve attended a video conference and been surprised by how quiet everyone seems. Is it on plan that they keep quiet around you? Maybe they’re all muffled, you start to think. Is it a mistake? Is it possible that the moderator forgot to unmute their microphones?

Many critical talks seem to be over without your involvement by the time you discover the problem is with your microphone. Others in the conference may conclude that you are not actively listening because you haven’t spoken anything.

You can now prevent all of that trouble by testing with your recording and video device before joining the meeting.

Participate in a Test Call

Participate or join a test call is the simplest method to check your microphone and video device. You can do this before joining the meeting in order to avoid any issues.

  • First of all, you need to visit the link
  • Now, you have to hit the ‘Join’ box after entering your name and email address.
  • It will prompt you to launch the Cisco Webex Meeting application on your computer.
  • Now, if you’ve got the app, go ahead and use it. For those who don’t want to download the app, select ‘Join from your browser instead.
  • You’ll have a sneak peek of what the final product looks like. If you’re unmuted and watching a video, it should mention so. If the text is partly or not visible at all. You have to check and make sure that the camera and microphone buttons aren’t red. This means your microphone and camera aren’t turned off.
  • Hopefully, your camera is operating now since you should be able to accurately view your photo now. You may adjust the microphone settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • From this page, you may check the speaker and microphone for any issues you may have. To check the microphone, tap on the ‘Test’ button next to the person speaking. For your benefit, it will produce sound. If you heard it, everything is OK.
  • If your mic is operating properly, you’ll see a lit meter underneath it when you hear sound. Pay attention to it and take action if necessary. There is a problem with the microphone when it doesn’t light up.

Now that you’ve attended the test meeting, you can verify that everything continues to operate properly even after you leave the meeting.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend a rehearsal call prior to the meeting. As an alternative, you can carry out these tests on the ‘Preview’ display of the conference.

Testing in the midst of a meeting

After all, you double-checked your equipment before showing up to the meeting to make sure everything was working properly. But what if something goes wrong during the meeting? The self-view window will become blank if your camera is broken. However, how can you tell if the problem is with your microphone or with the individuals around you?

It’s a simple task. During a meeting, you may check your mic and sound. You’ll find it on the meeting sidebar if you look for it.

Go to the ‘Audio, microphone, and camera’ section of the menu.

You will then see a Dialog box. You may check to verify if the speaker and microphone are operating properly by doing certain tests. Checking your camera here is also an option if your self-view window has been minimized.

The life of an online meeting is a functional cam and mic. And therefore their interruptions during a meeting are quite aggravating. To make sure that everything runs well at a meeting. It’s crucial to double-check everything and make any necessary corrections before you start.

What Can You Do If Your Audio or Video Is poor?

Examine your Internet Connection’s Quality

In the case of online meetings, the strength and stability of your network connection are critical. Multiple audio and visual streams are transmitted and received every second during video conferencing. As a result, it necessitates considerably more bandwidth. You may need to take action to strengthen your wifi connection in order to accomplish this.

Manually hardwire your gadgets

In an online meeting, it’s best to use a wired Ethernet interface if feasible. The issues do not exist with wired Ethernet connections. It gives your machine a tremendous amount of bandwidth with minimal to no interruption. Video conferencing programs make use of this dependability and capacity. It provides you with a clear, steady, and high-quality image and audio.

Before going to a conference, make sure your computer is ready

Every frame of the video must be converted into a sequence of 1s and 0s on your computer. To accomplish well, you’ll need a lot of computing power. While most applications will respond to your computer’s capabilities. As a result, if you free up available resources, you will be able to offer a good video conferencing experience.

If you require a specific application on your computer to operate at its optimum. Then shutting other programs to lessen the CPU utilization on your computer can assist. It is just like clearing the workspace on your desktop to begin an important job.

Look for the following programs to close:

  • Most video games eat up a lot of your computer’s resources. Stopping any video games can free up valuable power for your video conference.
  • Sound decryption, while less common than video, can create problems in some systems.
  • Excel, papers, databases, and email applications with several features and records can consume a significant amount of RAM. If you aren’t using these apps right now, save them and end the work to avoid wasting resources.



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