How To Tell If Your Samsung TV Has Bluetooth – Guide #2022

How To Tell If Your Samsung TV Has Bluetooth

The market is full of electronic devices. In the race of electronic appliance company Samsung has built, it’s goodwill in the market. As from the decades Samsung is serving good valuable products with modern technology and worth of money. Samsung made a list of products such as kitchen appliances, entertainment appliances like mobile phones, television, earphones, tablets and so on. 

Samsung Smart T.V has reserved a great place in the market as the selling ratio of these Samsung T.V’ are so high. Every year a ton of Samsung T.V are purchased by Samsung happy customers. 

How to check is your Samsung T.V has bluetooth ?

Before knowing how to connect your Samsung T.V with the bluetooth devices, make sure to check that your T.V has bluetooth feature or not. 

  • Google has made our lives easy. If you are facing any trouble and confusion about your Samsung T.V. You can simply google your device name and check out its all feature, this process is quite easy and simple, to collect all the details of your device. 
  • Smart T.V carries an smart remote. So make sure to check your Samsung T.V’s remote. If you have an smart remote, than definitely you T.V has smart features such like bluetooth. 
  • You can manually check all the settings of your smart T.V by clicking to the setting menu, choose sound, sound output and here you can check for the bluetooth option. 
  • User manual can also be helpful. You can check your user manual to know about your T.V features. 

What to do if your T.V doesn’t have bluetooth option 

If your Samsung T.V doesn’t have a inbuilt feature of bluetooth don’t be sad. There are various technology and jacks in the market which can help you in that situation. 

You can purchase a 3.5 mm adaptor of bluetooth from the market. Along with that you can also have AUX audio port with the red white standard. Adapter is to pair your T.V with the bluetooth when there is no inbuilt feature of bluetooth in your Samsung T.V

How to connect your bluetooth device with the Samsung T.V

From the messy cable the bluetooth are quite easy to install and pair. As like you connect your wireless bluetooth earphone to your mobile phone. Connecting your television to the other bluetooth device is easy. 

Although sometimes the pairing process can take a lot of time or finding the process from the setting menu could be quite irritating. 

Let’s go through the process of pairing your Samsung T.V to other bluetooth device. 

  1. Open the connection guide in your T.V. with the help of remote. 
  2. Now choose the device category you want to connect. As like audio device, video device or smartphone and many more. 
  3. Choose the option of bluetooth. 
  4. Now make sure, the bluetooth of other device is open and allow for new connection. Than refresh the list of devices on your T.V if you are unable to find the device. 
  5. Hold the bluetooth device name pair and than connect. 
  6. Done. The bluetooth is connected. 

Here we have write the steps to connected your T.V to the bluetooth device. You can also take the help of user manual. The process we had written is similar in all the Samsung T.V and are about of it. So these steps will definitely help you to connect your Samsung T.V with out bluetooth devices. 

Samsung T.V

The upper given process of connecting your Samsung T.V to the bluetooth devices is quite simple and easy. Although if you are going to buy a bluetooth device for your Samsung T.V then double-check all the features of your T.V maybe your T.V already have the bluetooth feature and you are unable to find it. 

And before purchasing try to connect the bluetooth device with your Samsung T.V as many times another brand of bluetooth devices won’t work on Samsung T.V. 

Well the new Samsung T.V also come with the support of keyboards and mouse you can use the T.V as computer. Even the other bluetooth devices as like earphones, mobile phone, speakers and many more you can connect with your Samsung T.V and enjoy it. 

Now days people are very fond of we series such like, Netflix and Hotstar, so you can watch these web series on your T.V after playing them on your phone and via connecting with bluetooth you can enjoy it then the screen of your T.V. 

Final thoughts 

Connecting your bluetooth T.V to other bluetooth devices is quite easy. You can follow the given process if you are facing any issues. Along with you can also take help with the user manual guide which you received while purchasing the Samsung T.V.

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