How To Tell How Old Your Phone Is – Step by step guide #2022

If you’re on the market for a new phone, you might want to know how old your current one is. The process for doing so, though, varies from one manufacturer to the next. In this post, we’ll cover for you how to tell how old your phone is – step by step guide 2022. Though that’s not always easy (several makers have their own systems of storing track of things), there are a few methods to figure out how old your phone is.

What Is the Importance of a Phone’s Age?

The release dates of several cell phones are generally known. Your smartphone, on the other hand, may have been manufactured weeks and months after its original announcement. There are multiple causes why you would wish to look for your phone’s production date.

It can sometimes supply users with additional data about your phone’s stability. In comparison to newer versions, older phones are often less secure.

The reselling worth of your cellphone is severely impacted by its maturity. If you decide to sell your gadget, a more modern model is likely to bring more money.

The performance level of your phone is affected by its time of life. Older devices have lesser chips and are therefore more susceptible to cracking and damage than newer phones.

When your cellphone continues to age, its battery backup falls.

How to Determine the Age of Your Phone?

Makers, on the other hand, frequently come up with their own interesting ways to display the production date. Irrespective of the nature of the manufacture of your phone, there are a few essential things you may use to check this out. Here are a few examples:

The Purchase Box on Your Phone

The very first spot to search is in your device’s box. The production date of each cell phone is often indicated on the packaging. The majority of them use a white label to adhere to the back of the package. There may be a few phrases, images, or numerals on the sticker. The production date of your phone might be buried someplace on the sticker.

Double-check that the IMEI information on the box reflects the one in your phone’s settings while you’re out there. If the two aren’t the same, there’s a possibility the box isn’t the one that came with your smartphone, and therefore the manufacturing date is erroneous.

Setting Application of Your Phone

The production date is available in the device’s settings app on some phones. This information is typically accessible in the settings section of the menu “About Phone” segment. The maker may not make the time evident in some circumstances, and you may have to utilize a method to figure out when your phone was manufactured. iPhones are a nice illustration, as we will see later in this essay.

Application of Your Phone

Companies have created applications that can sift through your phone’s data or utilize the IMEI number to search web sources to determine when your phone was made. These apps are typically developed in collaboration with distributors, hence they may be manufacturer-specific.

Manufacturing Code of Your Phone

If you understand your phone’s production code, you might be able to figure out when it was made. Simply dial one of the following information into your phone’s dial pad to check out:

*#manufacturingcode#* or *#*#manufacturingcode#*#*

If you understand your phone’s production code, you might be able to figure out when it was made. Simply dial one of the following information into your phone’s dial pad to check out:

Once you’ve input the code, a support menu should open, displaying crucial information about your cellphone, such as its brand, as well as the time and location of production.

We’ll now look at various phone-specific methods for determining the date of manufacture.

What is the Exact Procedure to Determine the Age of Your Android Phone?

Android phones are quite common nowadays, owing to the fact that they provide the ideal platform for a broad array of applications. So, what is the process to determine when your Android phone was manufactured?

The manufacturing information of your smartphone can generally be categorized in the specifications of most Android phones. Visit the Settings menu and seek for the “About Phone” button there. Words like Your Phone, About, or Phone Data may appear in the area displaying your phone’s details.

Alternatively, you might try the following:

*#197328640#* or *#*#197328640#*#*.

Now, you can pick “Menu Version Information” from the listed items.

Select “Hardware Version” from the drop-down menu.

The next move for you is to pick“Read Manufacturing Date” from the drop-down menu.

Another code — *#000# — can potentially provide the date of manufacturing.

What is the Exact Process to Determine the Age of Your Samsung Phone

When it refers to app utilization, Samsung phones are recognized for their versatility. There are a variety of phone information applications gathered from multiple developers, but they all do the same thing. Head over to your phone’s app store and type in “Samsung phone info app” to discover a compatible app.

What is the Procedure to Determine the Age of Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, the production date is almost certainly encoded in the phone’s product code. The year is indicated by the third digit in the serial number. For instance, 8 denotes 2008, 9 denotes 2009, and 2 denotes 2012.

The serial number’s fourth and fifth digits indicate the precise week in which the iPhone was created.

To find out what your iPhone’s serial number is:

Move over to the settings on your phone.

Pick “About” from the “General” menu.

Surprisingly, an iPhone gives you far more options for determining the time of production. Chipmunks, a Dutch company, provides a platform where you may examine the information of your phone for free. This is what you must do:

Using the web browser on your iPhone, mover over to the Chipmunk website. You can do this on a PC or a Mac as well.

In the input field, type the serial number of your phone.

Tap on “Laat de informative,” which means “Provide Information” in Dutch. This should display you your phone’s production date, among other things.


Getting to know how old your phone is will assist you in making an informed decision about your future buy. It can also assist you in determining whether your phone is secured against the most recent cybersecurity threats.







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