How To Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey

How To Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey #2022

People who go on diets feel tired and discouraged at some point. If you’re one of the thousands of dieters who think that you already have enough, the chances of you getting your pre-weight figure is possible. And after some night of contemplating, you finally decide to start all over again and eventually lose those excess weights for good.


You then think about ordering healthy food online or hitting a gym more than what you usually do. What could be different this time? You have to exercise more and eat less, right? Not exactly. Here are some harsh realities that you have to deal with for you to keep your weight loss journey successful this time.


If you think walking a flight of stairs to your office instead of using the escalator or elevator is enough, you’re wrong. Of course, this is helpful. But what if you’re severely overweight and the need to lose a significant amount of weight is critical? Does this mean you have to go the extra mile, even run for more than two hours daily?


You don’t have to. The key here is to start small. Walking is a good start. Ideally, a 60-90-minute walk daily is excellent. But what if you don’t have the luxury of time to squeeze such a long routine? Understand, though, that you don’t have to finish the entire 60 minutes at once. Try completing that at some point during the day. Using elliptical trainers or bikes or swimming also helps.


Although other sports like tennis or basketball are just as active as walking and running, you don’t get to do these days, especially if you’re trying to create a sustainable and consistent routine. The whole idea here is to have an exercise routine that you can do daily.


Understand the “Why.”

You need to find and understand the core reason why you want to lose weight. Find enough reasons that will help you keep up with your weight loss journey. Goals like “I want to look good,” or “this is for my health”, are not enough. Try to be more specific. Think about “I want to be there when my granddaughter walks down the aisle twenty years from now.”


However, you have to be realistic enough to know that there is a high possibility that you cannot achieve your goal. So it’s nice to pause and ask yourself once in a good while why you want to lose weight. That way, you’re reminded of the very reason for your journey.


Compliance and Consistency

Your exercise routines and eating habits have to be consistent at all times. Don’t take breaks if you can. Record all your activities and food intake daily. Be compliant and religious with your routine for a full straight year until your behavior becomes automatic. This is called muscle memory. The more you refuse to pause for breaks, the more you are likely to stick with your new lifestyle.


Clean Out

If your fridge is full of tempting foods that you know can compromise your dieting journey, get rid of them. If you have other people at home, they have to be on board as well the moment you start your lifestyle change.


From ordering and eating healthy food online, to keeping up with your weight loss journey practices, the bottom line here is consistency and commitment. I will be hard, but in the end, it will be rewarding.


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