How to Stay Organized While Moving #2022

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Moving is an ordeal! You have to keep track of a million things or risk leaving belongings behind. From furniture to trinkets, there is a lot to track. While it may not be possible to avoid the stress of moving, there are ways to dial it down. Here is some information on staying organized while moving.

Inform Necessary People

Moving is a long journey, so anyone involved with your current living arrangements should be informed of your plans to move as soon as possible. If you are a renter, let your landlord know that you plan to move out in writing.

You want to give your landlord, and anyone else involved the run-down on your project roadmap so that they can make the arrangements they need to make to have your plan positively affect them.

Take some time to write a move-out notice explaining your plans and the timeframes associated with moving out. Don’t wait until the last minute to let critical players know you’re moving, or you might inconvenience them and set yourself up for problems.

Follow Your Packing List

It can be challenging to keep track of what you’ve packed without a packing list. Make sure you’ve written out all of the items you plan to take with you to each room of your current residence.

You won’t be able to think of everything. Still, by organizing each room by essentials, you’ll have an easier time browsing through the leftover items later on.

If you don’t take the time to organize and plan for your adventure, you won’t know what is in which box, and you’ll be left wondering if you packed a particular item over and over.

Follow your packing list as best you can, and remember to check items off as you pack them to stay on track.

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Hire A Moving Crew

To make the moving process more manageable, you should consider hiring a moving crew to help you load items into your storage units, vehicles, etc. It is easier to pack up a residence with more helping hands involved. This way, you won’t have to do all the work, and you will have more time to focus on the other aspects of getting ready for your move.

Hire A Cleaning Team

Cleaning should be the final touch to becoming move-out ready. After your home is all packed up, contact an official cleaning crew to give your place a thorough scrub before you pass it off to the next renters, homeowners, etc.

A professional house cleaning can also let you know if you’ve taken everything with you, as the cleaners will inform you if there are items left behind.

Start Packing Early

A big part of staying organized is packing sooner rather than later. Not only is avoiding procrastination a part of being healthy, but it is also essential for planning a successful move.

Once you have your move-out date set, start labeling boxes and packing up items you know you won’t be using for a while. You don’t want to have trouble finding things later.

Avoid the urgency of needing to shove everything into any old box right before you need to move. If you start packing in small chunks each day, you’ll have much less to take care of come moving day.

The Bottom Line

Getting organized for your move is about packing up early, preparing ahead of time, letting everyone know what your plans are, and sticking to your checklist to track belongings. Moving is a process, so start early to keep things as stress-free as possible.