How To Speed Up A Video on Iphone 12 Max Pro – Step By Step Guide

/ / How To Speed Up A Video on Iphone 12 Max Pro – Step By Step Guide

Slowing down a video on iPhone is completely obvious. Slow-motion video recording has never been simpler thanks to a dedicated camera mode. You may wish to speed up the procedure, though. That’s something your iPhone can do for you as well. In contrast with slow motion, video speeding up does not occur while you are recording it. You can speed up a recorded video. Two things must be taken into account: whether to speed up a regular video or a slow-motion video. Let’s have a look at how to speed up a video on iPhone in either scenario.

Steps to follow to speed up a video on iPhone

iMovie, Apple’s free video editing program, is required to speed up a regular video. On new products, it is now installed by default. If you’re not using it, you may get it from the App Store.

  • iMovie should be opened and the ‘Create Project’ button should be tapped.
  • You’ll see a pop-up that says “Movie”.
  • Find the video you’d want to speed up and click on it to make it happen. Afterwards press ‘Create Movie’ at the bottom.
  • As a result, the editing window will appear. Video timeline may be tapped to show editing options.
  • As you scroll down, you’ll see the video chronology displayed in yellow and customization tools emerge at the bottom. You may change the playback speed by tapping the clock-like ‘Speed’ button.
  • There is a slider to speed up or slow down a movie. In iMovie, your movie maybe speeds up by up to two times. On the right side of the slider, ‘1x’ indicates regular speed. To speed it up, drag the slider to right.
  • There is an option to ‘2x’ the video.
  • Press play to observe what happens and change the speed before saving your work. When you’re done, tap ‘Done’ in the top left corner to save your work.
  • In iMovie, you may either save the movie to your camera roll or share it straight with another app.

Follow the Instructions to Speeding Up a Slo-mo Video

On your iPhone, you can speed up a slow-mo movie straight from the Photos app. When you speed up a slow-motion movie, it’ll revert to its usual pace after a few seconds or so.

  • Albums may be found in the Photos app by tapping on the Albums tab.
  • You may then open all of your iPhone’s slo-mo videos by selecting ‘Slo-mo’.
  • Click ‘Edit’ in the upper-right corner of the screen to speed up the Slo-mo video.
  • Toward the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a chronology of the video. The lines that are closely spaced represent regular footage, while those that are widely separated suggest slow-motion video.
  • On the other hand, the slow-motion part of the video shows somewhat bigger lines on either end. The movie will speed up if you place your finger on the left line and slide it until it reaches the right.
  • A portion in slow motion is removed and the spacing is replaced with that of a normal video.
  • You may preview your sped-up video by using the ‘Play’ button before saving it. Click “Save” after you’re done editing.
  • You don’t need any sophisticated equipment or software to speed up your movie if you don’t want it to be in slow motion anymore. It is very obivious that you need an iPhone in order to accomplish this.

Speed Up Video Using Videoshop App

  • From the Apple App Store, you can download this iPhone video editing app on your device.
  • Video editing on iPhone will urge you to either record new footage or import old video when you first launch the app. Add the video to the video editing software and click “Open”.
  • Towards the bottom of the video editor, you’ll discover a toolbar with a number of different options. Navigate through this toolbar by swiping left or right. You will be directed to the video speed control screen after selecting Speed.
  • With this video editor, adjusting video speed on iPhone is a breeze. If you want to slow down or speed up the video playback, simply move the slider to the left or right. Then touch the Play button to test the adjustment and possibly modify the video speed again until you’re happy with what you’ve got. To save the changes, hit the Done button in the upper right corner.

Speed Up Video Using Filmorago

The video speed may also be changed on iPhone using the Filmorago video editor. Run this video editor and modify your videos.

  • Video may be added to the video editor by tapping on Create New Video, then selecting Video from your Camera Roll.
  • You’ll find Styles, Soundtracks, Effects, and other choices in the vertical bar on the right side of the video viewer window. Swipe up to see more choices, then select Edit Tools from the list.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll discover a toolbox with options such as trimming the video and adding effects and overlays.
  • Under Video speed, you’ll find a list of all the preset video speeds you may pick from, such as the (1/4X), (1/2X), and (3/4X), as well as Normal speed, Fast, Faster and Fastest.
  • Video play speed may be adjusted by playing a clip and pausing when you reach the start point, then selecting video pace at the bottom. The rest of the video will now play at the adjusted speed.
  • The video will continue to play until you reach the video’s conclusion point or frame. For the remainder of the video, pick Normal speed.
  • Alternately, you may pick another playback speed and repeat the procedures to set multiple segments of the same movie with varying playback speeds. If you like, you may blend regular and slow motion in the same video clip.
  • When you’ve done adjusting the video speed on your iPhone, watch it once to review. To save the movie to your smartphone’s Camera Roll, press the OKAY button in the upper corner and then follow the on-screen prompts.


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