How To Share Multiple photos In One Instagram post-Guide #2022

Instagram has become the most popular platform of social media which allows you to share photos of your and your loved ones every time. You can share your memories and happy photos in your Instagram profile and share them with your friends and family. Photos Of your most recent trip, family function, festival celebration, and many more. 

Although sometimes it happens that we want to share more than one photo in a single frame. So here we are going to guide you with the steps to share more than one photo. 

Steps to follow 

  • Open your Instagram account. 
  • Now land on the home screen page
  • Here, you can see in the upper side of the screen a circle in which you can see your Instagram display picture
  • Slide the screen to the left side. You can see the camera of your phone is open now. 
  • And on the bottom side of the screen, you can see some options are given there. 
  • Post, story, reels, live, and so on. 
  • Click on the option of the post, if you want to choose the photo from your mobile’s gallery. 
  • Click on a single photo you want to upload and then hit the option of selecting multiple which is given on the right side on the middle of the screen. 
  • After clicking on that option you can see on every photo given in the recent a small circle will appear. In the right side of the photo. 
  • You can select multiple photos by tapping on the pic you want to upload. But remember you can’t upload more than 10 photos in a single time. 
  • After selecting all the multiple pics you want to upload, click on the next option which is given on the upper right side of the screen. 
  • Now you can edit all the pics with the filter you want to. 
  • After that, click on the next option. Given on the right side of the screen.
  • Now if you want to write any caption for the pictures you can write. And then after clicking on the share option all photos will share on your Instagram profile. In a single frame. 

Final words

So here in this article, I have shared the steps of sharing your Instagram photos in one frame from your mobile phone. 

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