Your A-Z Guide On How To Select The Best Novel Writing Software For Your Needs #2022

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the best novel writing software out there, you need to know how such software can help your novel-writing process. A novel writing software is not a magic tool that can ensure that you produce good books.

It’s you who has to put in the work at the end of the day. However, a dedicated novel writing software can make your writing process more efficient and organized.



While writing a novel or a book of any sort, you need to keep a lot of research at your disposal at all times, and it can be a significant challenge even if you are an organized person.

It can also help you get your manuscript ready for publication by assisting you in editing your work and correcting your grammatical mistakes.

Furthermore, there is software available that can even help with the business aspects of writing books. This includes administrative work and marketing.

Different types of novel writing software will help you with various aspects of the process. Before choosing the best novel writing software for you, you need to figure out the elements that you need the most help with.

Here are the primary considerations you need to keep in mind before choosing a novel writing software.

Does it Help You Organize?

Writing a novel can be an organizational challenge. There is a lot that you need to keep in mind and be careful about. Does your book have multiple plots? Does your novel have numerous POV characters? Does your book require a lot of research?

Keeping track of these aspects of your novel can be easier if you use software that is meant to help you organize.

There are other challenges that such software will help you meet, as well. It may help you efficiently access your notes, and it can help you write your plot outline and easily refer to it. It may also help you reorganize your chapters or the structure of your book.

If you find that you are entirely disorganized while being in the middle of finishing your novel, it could throw the entire process out of balance. You may end up feeling overwhelmed, and that is always a detriment to the creative process.



A lot of word processing software out there is just not meant for writers. This means that they come loaded with features that do not help you at all.

When choosing a novel writing software, it may help if you stick to software that is specifically meant for writing books.

Such software will usually have organization features that will help you keep track of the million ideas that come to your mind. Check the kind of organization features each novel writing software has before settling on one.

Does it Improve your Productivity?

One of the areas in which almost every writer struggles is maintaining productivity. There are so many distractions out there that can completely kill your creativity, and therefore, your productivity. This is why you should consider productivity-angle when choosing a novel writing software.

The software can improve your productivity in many different ways. There are tools that can block all unwanted websites or provide you with a single blank page to concentrate on.

Find a tool that helps you write by cutting down on your wasteful time. In a sense, it should grant you the freedom to work. These softwares will help you through their time management features as well as their website blocking features.

The time management feature has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The thoughtful design makes you want to use the software as much as possible.

The website blocking feature can block any website, application, or even the entire internet. You can prevent these websites for any length of time that you prefer. You can also schedule an advance blocking.

There are many more tools that help you maintain your focus by simply giving you a blank page to write on. There are no bells and whistles. You can use external tools to manage your time or format your work using external.

Many of these softwares also come with a full-screen mode. This removes everything from your screen except the page you are working on. For those looking for minimal distractions, this tool goes all out.

It is essential to remember that this tool is not just meant for those writing a novel. It can be used for numerous writing styles.

Does it Help You with Editing?

Editing is another area that novel writers need help with. Self-editing is notorious for being a poor substitute for a different pair of eyes to look at your work. This second pair of eyes could be a novel writing software that checks your work for common errors such as spelling and grammar, repetition, word choice, and so on.

Remember that you may not want to solely rely on the software for all your editing needs. You will need a professional editor to provide the kind of comments that only they can provide. However, the software can ensure that your draft is clean and does not contain any unnecessary errors.

These days, there are several different editing tools that you can use. There are some free ones as well. However, they do not provide the level of in-depth editing than paid ones do.

Most word processing software comes with basic features that check your spelling and grammar. However, a proper editing tool does a lot more. They can cover pacing, dialogue, repetition, word choice, persuasive writing. In fact, these editing tools have features that allow you to compare your written work to existing bestsellers.

Final Thoughts 

Even though a dedicated novel software is not totally necessary, you can consider getting any of the software styles mentioned above to help you with the process.

You may be surprised by how far a little help can take you. If purchasing a writing software is not for you, then you can also consider some of the free software that is available. Do proper research before selecting a particular software.

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