How To Repost A Story on Instagram – Step By Step Guide #2022

If you handle an online small business or a blogger who wants to get famous and brand attention on social media platforms. Instagram is such a platform which helps the people in growing easily connected with the people to build a higher reach.
Although the process of reaching to the high is quite time consuming and takes a lot of time and effort into building it.

Instagram doesn’t give any native tool for reposting. So here in this article we are going to discuss how to repost a story on instagram guide so that you can easily learn and repost the post you want to.

Ways to repost a story on Instagram

Here you can repost the story by using the ways

  •  Make a screenshot of the post you want to repost.
  •  Now click on the post button given on the top right corner of the post.
  • You can resize the photo.
  • Now you can edit the photo and filters in it.
  •  Add citation in it.
  • Write Caption
  • And now you can share the post

Before reposting someone else photo on Instagram make sure to take permission from the user. And also try to give creator credit into it.

Once permission is granted. You can post it by using the below steps.

Follow the steps

  • Choose the photo from Instagram which you want to repost. And make a snapshot of it.
  •  If you are an IOS user you can take take the screenshot by saying “hey siri take the screenshot” or else press the home and lock button and wait for a flash.
  •  Along with android user can take screenshot by clicking on power button and lower sound button together.
    Click on the new post option
  • After taking screenshot, back to the Instagram account and click on new post option.
  •  Now click on the post option.
  • Now resize the photo.
  • Edit and filter the photo.
  •  Citation
  • Write Caption
  • And done. Now you can share.

Applications which help in Instagram repost photos Download repost application for Instagram. from directly google.

Final words

Here in this article we have guide you about the repost story on Instagram.

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