How To Reinstall Google Chrome On Windows 11 – Step By Step Guide #2022

On any system, uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome is as simple as any unskilled individual can do it. The procedure is similar whether you’re running Windows or Mac. Additionally, if the browser has been giving you problems or acting strangely, reinstalling it has a good chance of resolving the issue. In this article, we will explain how to reinstall Google Chrome on the Windows platform and then head over to the macOS.

For a valid reason, Google Chrome is one of the most popular online browsers. It works on every mobile and desktop operating system, syncs your bookmarks and history across devices, and is continually updated to keep up with new technology.

Chrome, on the other hand, can frequently present problems, such as freezing in the midst of a session or refusing to operate at all. When you try to access it, it may refuse to open or show an error code.

The procedure to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome on the Windows system

Before you can restore Google Chrome, you must first delete it from your Windows platform and then clean the associated files to ensure that no evidence of it remains. Only then can you execute a fresh reinstall.

The procedure to remove Google Chrome

  • To remove Google Chrome, you first need to head over to the Start Menu and choose the ‘Settings’ tile from the ‘Pinned applications’ part of the Start Menu. You may also seek it by typing Settings into the search bar.
  • Afterward, you click the ‘Apps’ button on the left sidebar of the ‘Settings’ window to proceed.
  • To proceed further, find and tap the ‘Installed applications’ tile in the right portion of the screen.
  • On the next screen, you may either directly search for Google Chrome by scrolling down the page or make use of the search function at the top of the page to enter Chrome.
  • To access the context menu, seek the ‘kebab menu’ logo on the far right side of the Google Chrome tile and press it. To continue, select the ‘Uninstall’ item from the list.
  • An overlay prompt will show on your screen after that. To delete the software from your device, press the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • If you want to erase user profile files from your computer as well, go to the Desktop and double-click on the ‘This PC’ icon.
  • Then, in the search box, input or copy+paste the following address and press Enter on your keyboard.


Note: In the location, change the ‘username>’ space with your user id.

  • To select all the files in the directory, use the Ctrl + A characters on your keyboard simultaneously. Next, to remove the chosen files, utilize Shift + Delete on your keyboard.
  • An additional warning will appear on your screen. To eventually remove all of the records, use the ‘Delete’ option.

The steps to reinstall Chrome on Windows are as follows:

  • Use your favorite web browser to go to to reinstall Chrome on your PC. Then, on the website, tap the ‘Download Chrome’ option to download it.
  • To proceed, hit the ‘Accept and Install’ option in the overlay window.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the default ‘Downloads’ directory and double-click the downloaded.EXE file to launch the installation.
  • Chrome will now begin to download and install on your computer. Wait till the procedure is completed. The Chrome browser will run on your computer after the installation is complete.
  • And that is all; Google Chrome has been completely reinstalled on your Windows PC.

The procedure to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome On macOS devices

When compared to the Windows platform, uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome on macOS devices is a significantly different approach. It is, nevertheless, far from tough. Read the instructions outlined below and you’ll be done in no time.

The procedure to uninstall Google Chrome on macOS computers

  • To remove Chrome on your macOS device, use the Command+N buttons on your keyboard to create a new Finder window. To proceed, pick the ‘Applications’ button on the left sidebar of the window after it has opened.
  • Find the ‘Google Chrome’ program from the menu on the ‘Applications’ screen and right-click it to show the settings menu. Then you need to select ‘Move to Trash’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, from your macOS computer’s home screen, select the ‘Explore’ option from the menu bar to access the expanded menu. To proceed, select the ‘Go-To Folder’ button. This will automatically launch a new window on your computer monitor.
  • To access the directory, insert or copy+paste the path below into the text box and hit the ‘Go’ button.

~/Library/Application Support/Google

  • Search and choose the ‘Chrome’ folder in the Finder window, then hold the Command+Erase keys combination to remove the remaining data from your machine.
  • If the Trash logo is pinned to the desktop, right-click on it to display the settings menu, then select ‘Empty Trash’ to erase the Chrome files from your Mac. Otherwise, go to the Trash and delete all of the Chrome-related files there.

The steps to reinstall Chrome on a Mac are as follows:

  • To reinstall Google Chrome on your Mac, go to and choose the ‘Download’ option to proceed.
  • To begin the downloading, press the ‘Accept and Install’ option in the overlay box.
  • To start the setup on your macOS device, go to the default downloads directory and double-click on the .DMG file.
  • Following that, your Mac may display a notice on your screen. Read the document before clicking the ‘Open’ tab in the overlay window’s bottom right corner.
  • Take the Chrome symbol to the ‘Applications’ directory from the pop-up window on your desktop to install it on your PC.
  • Your machine will now have the Chrome browser installed. It may be launched from your device’s launchpad.

Will I lose all of my stored info if I delete and reinstall Chrome?

Yes. When you reload Chrome, all of your stored passwords, browser history, favorites, and the browser’s caches will be wiped. Thankfully, you may retrieve most of your data by logging in with your old email and password.


So there you have it, guys! Hopefully, this instruction will assist you in reinstalling Google Chrome and resolving any difficulties you may be having with the browser.



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