how to prepare for a long cycle ride

10 tips To prepare For A Long Cycle Ride #2022

Whether you just started cycling or doing it as an exercise for a long time, everyone needs some tips that will help you master your cycling skills or do it better. Cycling is a great exercise that seems easy at first but it surely has some technicalities that you should know. Do read these cycling tips that will surely help you to become better at cycling and make you a pro.
1. Find your perfect match(bicycle)!
As we choose our clothes and shoes according to our body type the same thing goes with a bicycle. You just can’t go to the store and choose the color of the bicycle, you have to give it a deep thought and time. Every bicycle has a different size that fits according to your shape and height! So make sure you do your research and select the one that fits you. Also, it recommended that you buy your bicycle from a local store rather online where they will portray every cycle as a perfect one for you ( it is also easy to get confused by the size description). Not only you will find a perfect bicycle for you but you will also get free services for your bicycle for some months!

2. Buy some bike essentials.
Yes, cycling to needs some essential equipment although the list of cycling kits is long and can be expensive but you need to buy only the ones that will be needed most. So try not to spend much on unnecessary things at first. Some of the basics are:-
  • Helmet -you should know how important a helmet is, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just starting you should always ride with a helmet. Try not to buy a cheap helmet as they can be dangerous and put you in a great injury. You mag wanna cut off other things but a helmet is a must. A number of bicycle accidents involve not wearing a helmet.
  • Eyewear- if you are going cycling without wearing anything to protect your eyes, you are risking your ability to see clearly. As the winds or rains make it difficult to open your eye and that is a risk you shouldn’t take. Buy eyewear that covers your entire and protect it. Don’t go with the sunglasses as they are not that safe.
  • Padded shorts- if you are planning to do cycling for a longer period of time daily then you may wanna buy some well-passed shorts that will avoid any discomfort and pain. You can skip this if you are doing cycling for a few minutes but other than that they are highly recommended.
  • Other important things you should buy are lock (for the safety of your bike), night visibility gear, puncture kit, etc.
Once you have become a pro at cycling you will surely wanna buy more cycling kit or accessories but till then stick to the basics.

3. Have the right posture! 
A lot of people end up injuring themselves just because they didn’t have the right posture. Find your right posture from day one so that you enjoy your cycling and get all the benefits of it. The right posture will involve two important things, first is to adjust your saddle height as it is the most important thing to do for a comfortable ride. Understand your and saddle height ratio and adjust it accordingly. Most people go wrong with it but you can always get help. The second thing is adjusting your handle with your height and don’t buy anything that just looks comfortable.

4. Use your gears.
All the bicycling nowadays come with gears but don’t get excited about it and use it often and unnecessarily. Or some people just use wrong gears for wrong terrains and you will put unnecessary stress on your knees. So take your time to understand the gears and use it when required. You should always shift your gear when climbing hills so that you get a stress free and comfortable ride.

5. Watch your brakes.
Learning when to use brakes is a difficult task, unnecessary use of brakes will burn more energy than required. With a little concentration and practice, you can master your skills. Use brakes according to traffic and terrain.

6. Get a good backpack.
We all need some stuff to carry and for that, you should buy a good backpack. Don’t carry a sling bag when you are riding a bike, they can cause some great trouble while cycling like they will put pressure on one side and cause pain in your back. Slings bags can disbalance and put you at risk. While backpacks will be comfortable and you can pack all the necessary stuff.

7. Don’t ride with headphones on. 
We all know how dangerous it is to use headphones while riding but some people do it anyway. You will jeopardize your important sensory organ and you will prone to accidents. Your safety is the first priority.

8.  Maintain your bicycle.
It is really important that your bike is always prepared and can handle anything. Don’t get lazy and avoid bike services that the worst thing you can do. If you don’t get regular service you will get discomfort rides and the bike will not serve you for a longer time. Make sure you clean your bike regularly and lubricate your chains and sprockets. Not only your regular services will get you comfortable rides but your bike will serve you for a longer period.

10. Carry a water bottle with you. 
Longer rides will make you thirsty and it’s is always good to carry a water bottle with yourself. It is really important to keep yourself hydrated or you will experience dizziness and fatigue. You can also carry some fruits with you to get you the energy you will need for cycling.

So these are the cycling tips that you should consider when you are cycling. Other than these you should always follow traffic rules. Just don’t take cycling for granted, it is really important that you are fully prepared for it.

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