How To Mark iMessages As Unread – Step By Step Guide #2022

/ / How To Mark iMessages As Unread – Step By Step Guide #2022

In the iPhone’s Messages app, you can’t designate messages as unread. This, on the other hand, is a viable option. In this post, we’ll go through how to mark iMessages as unread in great detail.

Throughout the day, we receive several communications. However, we do not necessarily wish to respond to each and every one of them. Everyone has an excuse, whether it’s because they’re hectic or simply don’t feel like responding right now. Even so, you may find yourself reading a message by purpose or by accident. Now you want to flag it as unread so you recollect it to respond later.

However, despite reports that the functionality will be included in iOS 14, it is not yet available. Rather, the pinning functionality was introduced, which is valuable in and of itself. Despite this, many consumers were dissatisfied with the outcome.

For many users, the ability to classify a text as unread is quite useful. Whilst it does not really change the message’s priority to unread (if read notifications are enabled), that isn’t the objective. You may use it to not just remind you to respond to messages, but also to mark discussions so that you can refer back to those.

It’s possible that you’ll be able to label an iMessage as unread. However, you may do a few more actions to alert you of the text as if it were unread.

Make a copy of the message and forward it to yourself on iPhone

You may send yourself a reminder of the text you want to remember.

  • Keep tapping the message and send it.
  • Somewhere under the notification, a few alternatives will appear. Now, the next step is to s
  • select the ‘Explore More’ item.
  • Now, in the lowest part, touch the ‘Forward’ icon.
  • Fill up your personal details in the “To” field and send the message to you.
  • The new text for yourself can go unread, but it will act as a recall to respond to the original quote.

Request a reminder from Siri

You may, however, configure a reminder automatically. It’s considerably faster and simpler to ask Siri to do it for you. It’s too inconvenient to have to make a reminder for oneself. When you incorporate Siri into the scene, you’ve got yourself a fast solution.

Call Siri while the message is still open by tapping the Icon or speaking “Hey, Siri”. Then state something like, “Remind me in an hour” or whatever time period you choose.

The text will be accompanied by a reminder. Whenever the time frame expires, you’ll be notified.

The Process to Mark Email as Unread in iPhone

First of all, you should launch the iMail app on your Apple device.  It depends on your configuration and how many mail accounts you’ve routed to your iPhone. You may be routed to the Mailboxes tab or straight to your email inbox.

The Mailboxes tab displays all of the email accounts that have been set up on your phone. It does have a number of unread emails beside the arrow to access that Inbox, which is highlighted in grey. When you first open your Inbox. Then, on the side, in front of the Giver’s Identity, you’ll notice unread messages marked with a blue dot.

If you do find the blue dot, the text has already been seen. To indicate that the message has not been read. You must press the right arrow down to open and read the message. Begin swiping the message to the left, and a gray, orange and red box will emerge.

Do not try to swipe too fast otherwise, you will delete the message.  It will then have to recover it from the Trash folder. The grey button will show you the More option. Just need to check this box.

Afterward, you will see a menu. Keep an eye out for the Mark option. When you choose this, a new menu opens. Select Mark as Unread from the drop-down menu. The item will then have a blue dot in front of it when you return to the Inbox.

How to use an Android device to mark a message as unread on Signal

  • First of all, you must launch the Signal application and you can also log in if you require it.
  • Press and hold the chat you want to label as unread in your message listing.
  • In the top-hand corner of the window, press the 3 vertical bars.
  • The next step is to select “Mark as unread” from the drop-down menu.
  • Your text will now be marked with a flag, which will most likely look like a colorful mark. This indicates that you have not read the message.


  • Try opening the message by clicking on it to label it as read.

Making use of a discussion that also has recently been marked as unread, repeat procedures 1–3, and then touch “Mark as read” for process 4.

On an iPhone, how do you mark a text as unread on Signal?

  • First and foremost, you must open the Signal app on your Apple iPhone.
  • Press and hold the chat you want to designate as unread in your message list. After that, swipe your finger to the right side of the display.
  • You may now press on the “Unread” symbol that displays on the screen.
  • Your communication will now be marked with a sticker that looks like a colorful mark. This implies you haven’t read the message since you haven’t opened it yet.

Easily access the text by touching on it to mark it as received and read. You may do steps 1 and 2 above with an unread chat and then press “Read” for process 3.


So, these are some methods that you can use to mark messages unread. Since we all hope for Apple to release iOS with the functionality. You do not even have to be a passive participant. Rather than neglecting to respond to messages and causing difficulties. Remain on top of your communications by using one of these solutions.