How To Make Telegram Stickers Guide #2022

Telegram works like other social media applications. Social media applications provide various facilities. 

Users can make their account on telegram and can use it while chatting. 

In chatting we use emojis and stickers to express our emotions and feelings in the chatbox. 

Well, telegram stickers are like a new thing in the market. Telegram stickers allow the users to use cool stickers in their conversations. In which the user can make funny memes, movie quotes, dialogues and trashy jokes. Apart from these we can redesign and make these telegram stickers on your own. 

The telegram stickers can be made by any normal person like you and me. It doesn’t need a developer’s mind. Like if you want to make telegram stickers you just have to make a bot of telegram and send the image to the bot to make a telegram sticker. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the ideas of making these stickers. 

How to form these stickers 

These stickers are easy to make so you don’t need to be professional. If you want to make these stickers for memes and movie dialogues then follow the steps given below 

  • These stickers should be in PNG form and it should have a transparent background. The pixel size should be 512×512
  • Every striker should be saved in a separate file. Well you can easily design and develop these stickers on a laptop as compared to a phone. 
  • Icons are optional

How to find telegram sticker on bot 

As soon as your telegram striker is ready to make. You can find the telegram sticker bot. You should focus on.

    • /Newspack so that you can create a telegram sticker pack 
    • Add sticker option so that later on you can add stickers.
    • /Delsticker so that a user can easily delete a sticker which they want.
    • /Order Sticker so that you can reorder the sticker any time.
    • /cancel command so that you can cancel at any time.
    • /packtop to see your pack of top stickers.
    • /packstats so that you can use stats in your telegram sticker pack. 

Steps to upload the stickers which you have made 

  • For that you have to type /newpack command and press the enter key. 
  • Click on the blue send button. 
  • Now type on the sticker pack as the name and click on the arrow button. 
  • Hit the file option so that you can easily upload your first sticker. 
  • Make sure you upload it as a file not as a sticker. You can also choose the emoji related to it. 
  • Unselect the option of compress, and enter a caption for it. If you want to add more files you can use the add option. Or send it without adding too. 
  • The bot will also ask you to assign emoji for your sticker. 
  • You can repeat the steps for every stickers 
  • If you are done type the command /publish 
  • Now make a name for your sticker and send it to the bot. So that it can be used in the URL.
  • Done.

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