How To Install Or Update Intel Bluetooth Driver For Windows 11

Drivers are a sort of software that lets you utilize certain installed equipment on your computer. A Bluetooth driver, for example, is a vital part since it permits your system to transmit files/media and communicate to other nearby connected devices. Furthermore, Bluetooth on a Windows PC is critical for privacy since the ‘Dynamic Lock’ feature relies on it. In most cases, Windows takes good care of driver-related difficulties and ensures that they are fully up to date in order to give you a hassle-free experience. Yet, the operating system may require human involvement in order to complete this normal activity in some cases. Today, this article will explain how to install or update Intel Bluetooth drivers for Windows 11.

In Windows 11, however, installing or upgrading a Bluetooth driver is a relatively simple procedure. Furthermore, with Windows 11, various popular ways may be utilized to either install or update the Bluetooth driver, depending on your needs.

The procedure to install or update the Intel Bluetooth Driver from the Setting App

If you have a new PC or have recovered your PC and the Bluetooth driver is missing, you can quickly update it via the Settings app’s ‘Optional Updates’ area. Typically, Windows will crawl your computer and provide the drivers as updates. Non-critical updates, on the other hand, sometimes get blocked in the alternative updates area and require your involvement to finish the deployment.

Furthermore, this approach may be used to update a driver that has previously been installed. Although Windows normally handles updates on its own, it can become trapped at times. In such a scenario, this little fault might also occur with the update, as it does with a stopped installation.

To utilize this approach, head over to the Start Menu and select the ‘Settings’ icon under the ‘Pinned applications’ area to continue. Alternatively, you may search for the app by typing Settings into the menu. Instead, you may access the program by pressing the Windows+I keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

  • To continue, go to the Settings window and press the ‘Windows Update’ option on the left sidebar.
  • To proceed, select the ‘Advanced choices’ icon beneath the ‘More options’ area on the right part of the window.
  • Now, on the following page, scroll down to the ‘Optional updates’ tile under the ‘Additional choices’ area and select it to continue.
  • Then after, find and enlarge the ‘Driver updates’ tile by clicking on it. Next, from the list of available drivers, find the ‘Bluetooth’ driver and choose it by clicking the box next to it. Finally, at the bottom of the section, press the ‘Download and install’ option to begin the driver installation.

Installing/updating the Intel Bluetooth Driver through the Device Manager is as follows:

Whether you choose to install or update the Bluetooth driver, you will be capable of doing so using the device manager with relative ease.

  • To find Device Manager, go to the Start Menu and type Device Manager into the search field. Then, from the search results, run the program by clicking on the ‘Device Manager’ icon.
  • After that, find and press the downward arrow preceding the ‘Bluetooth’ section in the ‘Device Manager’ box. Select the ‘Intel Wireless Bluetooth’ driver in the enlarged selections and right-click it to open the context menu.
  • To continue, select the ‘Properties’ tab. You may check out the current state of the driver for the devices on your system in a different window. If no driver is detected, the window will alert you. Furthermore, just beneath the ‘Device status’ box, select the Update driver button.
  • If you’re trying to upgrade an existing driver, go to the top portion of the window and choose the ‘Driver’ button. In order to continue, hit the ‘Update driver’ tab on the window.
  • Thereafter, from the recently opened box, select the ‘Search automatically for drivers’ button to have Windows look for the most recent driver on Microsoft’s servers.
  • To continue, select ‘Browse my computer for drivers’ if you already have a driver update package. This will bring up a File Explorer window on your screen, where you may go and pick the driver version you want to update.
  • You will also need to reboot your PC to implement the adjustments after the update/install has been accomplished. Finally, you have to restart the system from the Start Menu for the final outcome.

The procedure for Installing/Updating Drivers from the Intel Support Site

If you are unable to locate drivers for your hardware utilizing the techniques described above, you may indeed visit Intel’s official help page to obtain the Bluetooth driver for your PC.

  • To proceed, go to the next page and select the ‘Download’ option under the ‘Available Downloads’ item.
  • To begin your download, hit the ‘I accept conditions of the licensing contract’ button in the freshly formed overlay window.
  • After that, double-click the .EXE file you just downloaded in your usual download location.
  • Your display will now exhibit a UAC (User Account Control) window. Alternatively, select the ‘Yes’ option to continue with the installation procedure.
  • To continue, press the ‘Next’ button in the lower right corner of the configuration window.
  • In the further step, on the following screen, tick the mark next to the ‘I accept the conditions of the License Agreement’ choice. Then, to proceed, click the ‘Next’ option.
  • To activate all of the functions enabled by your Bluetooth device, press the ‘Complete’ option; this takes up the hardest drive space. Alternatively, use the ‘Typical’ button to install the most common characteristics that are recognized by all devices and will offer you the capability you need. To continue, use the ‘Custom’ button if you want to alter the path and customize the setup.
  • Finally, from the installation wizard, pick the ‘Install’ option to begin the driver installation.

After completion, you may require to reboot your system to see the adjustments take effect. As a result, access your PC’s Start Menu.


People, there you have it. Install or update the Intel Bluetooth Driver on your Windows 11 PC using one of the ways listed above.


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