How To Hide Your Followers On Instagram – Step By Step Guide #2022

As the social media platform, Instagram is to share your photos with everyone. Although not everyone likes to be public so Instagram also provides you the feature of locking your profile. So that only those people can check your photos and update those who are following you on that social media platform. 

Although still keeping the privacy of everything is quite difficult on every social media application. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to hide your followers on Instagram. As it is not that much easy to hide your Instagram followers if they are in quantity as like in K and in M. 

The only concept of Instagram is to share photos but now the feature of reel also gives a high to Instagram. 

Is it possible to hide your followers on Instagram?

The most searched question by the privacy seekers about the Instagram platform. 

Unfortunately, this can’t be true right now. 

Every person who visits your profile if they are following you can see whom you are following and who are following you. Along with if you keep your account private and the one who is visiting your profile doesn’t follow you. They can check the number of your followers and the people you are following. 

Instagram is mostly used by influencers or film stars or people who want to reach the maximum number of people. So on Instagram, the people keep their accounts public so that they can reach maximum people. 

Although if you don’t want the stranger people to keep an eye on you. You can make your account private and remove followers to the person you want to hide your follower and following. 

  • If you make your account private on Instagram the reach of your account becomes less. 
  • People can’t check your photos without following you. 
  • People who follow you can only check your followers and following. 
  • If you want to hide your follower and following from a particular person, you can remove it as a follower to that person. 
  • If you want to hide your account from someone. You can block that person on Instagram. 
  • You can also restrict a user to check your account. 

Final words 

Here in this article, we have given the details related to hiding your followers and following on Instagram. Although this feature isn’t available on Instagram right now. But we have given some ideas in this article which can save you a little from it. 

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