How To Hide LinkedIn Profile | Step By Step Guide #2022

/ / How To Hide LinkedIn Profile | Step By Step Guide #2022

Since it launched in 2003 LinkedIn is becoming the most followed professional networking destination. The main reason for this application is to connect people. It connects the job seekers to the recruiter so that they can get jobs and the companies can get employers. 

The application works to employ the people by creating this platform. 

Although sometimes people have to work differently and react differently. These applications are designed with all the comfort of the users. Although here we are discussing ways to hide your LinkedIn profile. 

There can be any reason behind it. As you want your connection limited, you work as lead generators and don’t want the people to become aware of it, you can also use it only for testing the features of LinkedIn, researching about the composition level and many more. 

Ways to hide LinkedIn profile 

Here we are going to tell you the ways by which you can hide your LinkedIn profile easily.

  • For this, you must log in to your account first. 
  • Now on the newsfeed page, go to the profile page from the top left corner of LinkedIn.
  • Hit the option of view profile 
  • Now edit on the URL for public 
  • You can also choose your preference while editing 
  • Look for the option to edit the visibility and turn it off from there.
  • Which option you turned off you can turn it on again if needed in future 
  • It also hides a partial feature. You can only allow you to view by only your connections and can hide certain information from the public. 

What to follow if you want to hide your LinkedIn profile on your mobile phone?

Most people use mobile phones rather than a computer and use a laptop. So here we are going to give the guidelines to hide your profile on LinkedIn through mobile phones. 

On IOS platform 

  • Click on your LinkedIn profile 
  • Click on settings 
  • Now hit the option of visibility 
  • Click on the option of editing your profile picture 
  • From here you can edit your visibility and many other features. 

If you are an android user then, follow these 

  • Open profile and click on it. 
  • Click on the setting option 
  • Hit the option of visibility 
  • Click edit your public profile feature 
  • Here you can edit the settings you want. 

Final words 

Here in this article, you can get the ways of how to hide your LinkedIn profile. We hope you found the article helpful.