How To Get A Moving Live Wallpaper On Windows 10 – Live Motion Wallpaper for Pc #2022

Setting dynamic backgrounds on a Windows desktop used to be easy. It’s not as easy as it used to be with Windows 10, but it’s still doable. With the help of dynamic backgrounds, you can spice up your Windows 10 desktop. In this article, you will learn how to get a moving live wallpaper on Windows 10.

When working on a computer for lengthy periods of time, many users complain of weariness and a lack of attention. It’s because they’re forced to perform boring activities in the absence of anything stimulating around them.

In this case, a moving wallpaper or live wallpaper comes in handy. It can make you feel better and keep you interested. A live wallpaper option isn’t available in Windows 10. There are a number of third-party apps that you may utilize to obtain one of these devices. You may also use a tiny movie as live wallpaper or customize one.

Live wallpapers, while visually pleasing, might have a negative impact on your computer’s functionality. Each of them consumes about 7 to 8 percent of the CPU’s power. Verify that the performance of your previous system is not compromised. Check that its present configuration can readily handle live wallpaper. If you need the CPU to do some heavy lifting, you may always switch off the live wallpaper feature.

Getting a moving wallpaper using various third-party apps

Lively App

There are a number of web-based apps that may provide you with live desktop wallpapers. Without performing a full background check, we do not suggest downloading any program since it may be a security risk to your system.

Lively Wallpaper is a free app available on the Microsoft Store that lets you customize your desktop background. Undoubtedly it is the finest pick. When purchasing it from the official shop, the possibilities of it damaging your computer are much reduced.

You may download the ‘Lively Wallpaper’ app by searching for it in the Microsoft Store’s search box. You will find the search box on your screen in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Find “Lively Wallpaper” and hit “Get” to download.
  • The launch icon will display when the program has been downloaded and installed. You may run the application by clicking on Launch.
  • As a result, the app’s setup window will now appear on your screen. In order to complete the setup, click “Next” on each of the next pages.
  • Select one of the live wallpapers from the list immediately to begin using it. It only takes a single click to make one of them your desktop background. The live wallpapers available with this software are remarkable. In addition to the wallpaper displayed here, you may add additional by tapping on the ‘+’ symbol to the left of the wallpaper.

Aside from that, you have the option to personalize the live wallpaper. There are a lot of choices in the app that allows us to modify and adjust things according to our liking.

Go to Taskbar, choose System Tray, and then select Customize Live Wallpaper. Simply pick “Customize Wallpaper” from the menu when you right-click on the Lively app icon.

Several choices for customizing the wallpaper will now appear on the right. Once you’ve found the perfect setting, go back and adjust each one individually.

Wallpaper Engine for Windows 10

Windows 10 has fewer customization options by default than older versions. The number of desktop settings has been drastically limited, aside from themes and backgrounds that sync with your Microsoft account.

This application, which costs less than $5, allows you to build your own animated Windows 10 backgrounds.

Aspect ratios and native resolution support are available in Wallpaper Engine, allowing users to create custom wallpapers. To create a moving Windows 10 backdrop, you may use static pictures, websites, or video files. You may choose from a variety of video formats such as MP4, AVI M4V MOV WMV, and WebM.

Using this tool is straightforward and offers a wide range of possibilities. Launching the application is as simple as selecting one of the live desktop backgrounds from a list, or importing one of your own. With the settings dialogue accessible on the menu bar, you may modify a variety of items.

In theory, Wallpaper Engine would be faster with a dedicated graphics card (GPU). There are options to run on devices with limited resources if needed. A powerful desktop PC is required to achieve the finest results when animating your Windows backgrounds with the Wallpaper Engine program.

Stardock DeskScapes 10 for Windows

For Windows 10 users, Stardock DeskScapes is a good solution. There is a 30-day free trial of this solution, which is accessible for just $7.99 (USD).

Then, select Start 30-day trial and provide your email address to begin. By clicking an email link, you’ll be able to activate the 30-day license.

Afterward, go back to the app and pick from seven video backdrops and a variety of gorgeous pictures. It’s not uncommon for DeskScapes settings to be able to alter the appearance of these photos. Color, Effects, and Adjust will allow you to make changes to the colors and effects of the image. Under Settings, you may change the video backdrop. Click Apply to my desktop when you’re pleased with the outcomes.

PUSH Video Wallpaper for Windows 10

It’s time to move on to PUSH Video Wallpaper, which is another premium solution that offers a 30-day free trial. This launches with a looping animated background.

From the settings menu, you can access the PUSH Video Wallpaper application. Add a single video to play continuously, or make a collection. The movies will run in the selected order, and the volume may be changed for each clip.

Stardock DeskScapes 10 does not allow you to use feature-length films as your desktop backdrop, but PUSH Video Wallpaper does. Alternatively, you may merely listen to a looping clip of the music you’ve chosen. Whichever live wallpaper you want, PUSH Video Wallpaper will display any appropriate clip.


Now you can create an animated, moving Windows 10 background with so many choices. Now, you may quickly locate a program that matches your wants and requirements. It’s easy to create a moving wallpaper for Windows 10 using any of the apps listed above.



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