How to Fix Steam Shared Library Locked Error Issue? Solution #2022

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Many gamers are there who have encountered the error message “steam shared library locked”. It is really irritating. Most of the time this error message is seen while one is sharing the steam library with others.
Along with there are a lot of users there who are not able to open and access this game properly. As a pop up message will come on their screen of steam shared library locked.
Well, now let’s check out the basic reasons that are responsible for the error message. And how can a user can get a rid of it.

Main causes of “steamed locked library error”:

After doing research on the most prominent troubleshooting procedures, we have concluded these on the following text due to which the error problem generally occurs.

  • Other individuals: The steam library can be accessed by only one at a time. That is why if you want to access the library while other one is playing, you will see the error message. So, in this situation, you can ask your friends to quit the game or wait until they finish the game.
  • Interruption of firewall: Interference of firewall of your computer causes such issues. It actually blocks internet access which can be a prominent reason for the occurrence of the error message. To avoid such a problem, we recommend you just add an exclusion for the steam application in your firewall for both the private and public networks.

Internet issues: It has been seen in many cases that internet connection starts blocking the installed application of your computer. So, there is a great possibility that library steam can be blocked by the internet and as a result, this shows the error message. At this time, you should immediately deny the Steam access to your internet connection.

Top Effective Ways to Fix Steam Shared Library Locked Error Issue:

So, you have already got an idea about the possible reasons that are mainly responsible for the occurrence of such an error message.

We all know there is always a solution for each problem. You don’t have to be worried. Just go through the following text. Here we have added the top solution of this error message. At this point, you need to keep in mind that fixes generally vary from use case to use case. However, read the following solutions carefully before applying these.

Basic requisite:

  • At first make sure that you have restarted the steam after signing out your account.
  • If a shared user plays the same game you are going to play, you will get the error message. So, you need to be more careful about this matter.
  • If you want to avoid the error message, not even one user should be active while you are trying to play the game.
  • However, just have a look at the text below to get the specific solution.

Solution – 1: Close the Steam on Other Device

The basic reason behind the error message is that any other steam account has been currently logged in to play the game. Well, we mentioned before that only one can access the game at a time otherwise it will show the error message. So, if you are in such a situation, try the following steps.

  • At first, close the Steam client on your PC.
  •  Then ask the other users to log out from the system because it may be the ultimate location where they logged in.
  • Now open the Steam client on your system. You can see then everything will start to work well
  • It is really an amazing solution. The most important thing is it will fix the problem that if the installed Steam games were showing previously the ‘buy’ instead of ‘play’, after the application of the solution, it will start showing the ‘play’ option.

Solution – 2: Disable the Steam Family Sharing Mode

This is another effective solution you can try without any hesitation. If you are the primary account holder, you can disable the Steam Family Sharing Mode to avoid the error problem.

  •  At first, you need to open the Steam application on another user’s PC. Then click on the Steam option and then select settings.
  •  You can see the Family option on the left side of the screen.
  • Then you have to uncheck the Authorize Library Sharing on this computer option.
  • To access the game you should restart your system entirely.

Solution – 3: Fix this Problem by SFS-Select

  • You can try SFS-Select while you are using the family sharing mode and still locked out.
  •  It generally allows to remove the user who is playing a game.
  •  After this, while you are playing the game, you can add the user again.
  • If you can’t add the user, you need to set up the share again.

Solution – 4: Configure a “.BAT” File

The Steam library lock issue can be solved in a very compatible way where you don’t have to follow a series of solutions.

  • Just download the BAT file and then separate it into your PC at a convenient place.
  • Now you should launch your game and while it has been launched, just click twice on the “Steam Off.bat” file.
  • While it is completely done, you can play any game easily without asking anyone to stop playing.

Final words

In this article we have written the complete guide and process of fixing the error of steam library locked issue.