How To Find Groups On Telegram – Step By Step Guide #2022

Every social media platform provides the facility of group chats, or making of groups for the updates, or various things. Telegram is the application where you can find useful groups and can easily join them. 

These groups are very helpful for the people as it gives them knowledge, or the content you are looking for. 

Here in this article let’s discuss these telegram groups and how a user can join them.

Ways to join telegram group

The fastest way to join a telegram group is to, join a telegram channel, so from there you can get an invitation. 

If you are on desktop telegram follow the process 

  • Open telegram 
  • Now type the name of the group from the top left corner given on the screen 
  • Search in global search and you find the name of various channels from the given name. Join which channel you want. 
  • At the top screen you can find the details related to the channel as like the subscriber of the channel. 
  • Here you can also have a group joining link, find it and join it. 

Ways to find group id in telegram 

You are already a member of several groups and you want to start your own group and follow the guidelines. 

  • For this you need to access the telegram bot option. 
  • Now access telegram and in search box type botfather 
  • Select the option of start.
  • As you start you will get a token of Http API copy that. 
  • Save it, create a new telegram group, add the bot into it. And now check it by sending a message to the group. 
  • Fill your token id so that you can access the group id.

Ways to find group link into telegram 

If you owns a telegram group and want to share your group with the other peoples follow the process 

  • Open your own telegram group 
  • Now click on the top of the screen of the group 
  • Choose the option of add member and then invite people via link
  • Copy the link of the URL and then share the link of the URL 

If you don’t want to share you can choose the revoke link option. 

Ways to find telegram group on Android and Iphone 

If you are a mobile user of telegram worry not telegram have a solution for everything. 

Telegram works the same on iPhone and desktop so you can follow the process which we have mentioned earlier.

  • Open telegram
  • Now in search box describe what you are looking for or mentioned the group name
  • Now you have a list of various groups 
  • Hit on the join option
  • Done 

Final words 

Here in this article we have told you the ways to join a telegram group. Hope you found the article helpful. 

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