How To Find A Song But Only Know A Few Words Of Songs? #2022

It happens on a regular basis. You’re in a restaurant with pals or on your way to work. Then, on the FM radio channel, you hear some lovely music. You want to get a CD of that music record, but you can’t because you don’t know the lyrics. So, how to find the song name without knowing the lyrics?

What is the name of the song you’re referring to? you are not sure what the lyrics were. Unless you know a few terms, search engines like Google or Bing won’t be much helpful. You must have some knowledge of the artist’s or band’s name. So, how can you figure out what that wonderful song’s name is? Here are a few of the top music identification services that may assist you in identifying song titles. You may use them to find the song name without knowing the lyrics.

Here are the services that will help you to find the song name without knowing the lyrics


Shazam is a smartphone app that allows you to look up song titles. It’s compatible with iPhones, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile phones, Android phones, and Nokia S60 phones. Shazam can also be used on an iPod Touch. Simply download and install the Shazam app. Then, while holding your phone near the audio source, press the Tag button to have Shazam identify the song you’re listening to. This app only works with pre-recorded music, not live music.

Its free edition allows you to identify up to 5 different tracks every month. Shazam Encore, on the other hand, is a premium version that includes limitless tracking for $4.99. There is no payment if the song isn’t recognized.


MusicID will tell you what song is playing if you hold your iPhone up to it. It’s a $3 iPhone app that’s available all around the world. If you have an AT&T phone, you may use MusicID to identify music on your Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or any Java phone. MusicID, like Shazam, only works with pre-recorded music.


The world’s largest lyrics database is Musixmatch. For all of your music, it provides synced song lyrics with multilingual translations. With only one tap, you can identify and receive the lyrics to any music playing in the vicinity.


If you’ve got a song stuck in your brain. All you have to do now is grab a microphone and hum the tune to yourself. Midomi will be able to give you the name of the song. You might also play a brief sample of that “unknown” tune to help Midomi figure out what it’s titled. Midomi is a web interface that allows you to hum or sing for 10 seconds. This application will then display a list of songs that are similar. Keep the audio bar in green and prevent background sound for the best results. Midomi is a free internet service. It also has applications for iPhones, Android phones, Nokia Ovi phones, and Windows Mobile phones.


If you have a brief recording of a song, you may utilize AudioTag’s online music identification service to determine the song’s name. You may record a short audio clip and upload it. The audio will then be compared to AudioTag’s own music database in an attempt to determine the track title. Take a slice from the middle of the song or submit the entire song for the greatest results. This is extremely helpful if you have a mobile device that can record a section of the music.


When computers are unable to recognize the song you are looking for. You can obtain the help of a human being who may be familiar with the music. WatZatSong is a social networking site where you may post a song’s MP3 audio recording. This website can then assist you in determining the precise music title.

Name My Tune

Sing or play a brief sample from the music you’re attempting to identify. Once you’ve finished recording. Then select the Genre and Era in which you believe the music belongs. When other users on the site identify your song, they’ll send you an email.


You may use Musipedia to find a song by playing it on a virtual piano keyboard or whistling it. Musipedia is a search engine for classical music that is modeled after Wikipedia. By humming, Musipedia can find all the songs that contain the tune you just recorded.


Have you ever wondered what wonderful new music is on your favorite TV show? TuneFind’s great users have the answer. Dedicated television viewers enter and confirm the music heard on all of your favorite shows. It’s simple to discover, listen to, and download new music.


SoundHound can do almost everything Shazam does, plus a lot more. It’s similar to Shazam.

At the touch of a button, SoundHound can tell you what music is playing. If music stuck in your brain isn’t playing right now, you may hum or sing the song into SoundHound, and it will recognize it. Midomi was the initial name of SoundHound, which was a musical search engine.


If you have a virtual keyboard, you should be able to play the music. MelodyCatcher can assist you in locating the name of the music melody you want. Simply use your mouse to input the melody using a basic Java-based onscreen keyboard. Then click search. MelodyCatcher will provide a selection of songs that meet your song. It is not necessary to insert the entire song.


You can sing or hum the music you’re looking for. Hundreds of thousands of people will be able to listen to it and guess the song’s title. This is a fantastic non-automated method for determining the song’s title.

Google App

If you have the Google app downloaded on your phone, say “Okay Google” to activate Google Assistant. Say “What music is this?” when the Google App appears. You may put your phone up to the speaker and listen to the music. Google Assistant will recognize the music and provide you with information about it.


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