How To Earn Money Fast Through Vastu? Tips For Getting Rich #2022

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Money, after all, is what keeps the world turning. Food, clothes, and housing are all basic things that we need. It is also related to most people’s satisfaction because we need money to shop, purchase a home, eat out, pay for food, children’s studies and we also want some savings for our retirement. Money can be used for a variety of things, which is why a lack of it can trigger tension, anxiety, and depression, which can affect a person’s relationships. Indian ancient scheme, Vastu Shastra, has explained the theory on how to earn money fast through Vastu tips.

Earn Money Fast Through Vastu

In this article, we illustrate all these tips to strengthen your finances and make your home a pleasant place to live in. All you have to do is to arrange a small compass because Vastu concepts are dependent on directions. Or you can consult a Vastu-certified interior designer or architect.

Vastu tips to Earn Money Fast


It is commonly known that colors have the ability to affect our moods. As per Vastu guidelines, color often plays a vital role in driving energy in a certain direction. Since it is correlated with God, the northeast direction in a house is called the most pious. So, if the northeast region of your home is filled with positive energy then it improves income, wellbeing, and stability. Light blue is the perfect color for the northeast portion of the house because it stimulates the mindset and promotes innovation and optimistic thought.

According to the color chart of Vastu Shastra, Green is for the north, white is for the east, blue is for the west, and red is for the south.

In general, Vastu advises using bright colors rather than dark or bold ones. It is not advisable to paint the kitchen or bathrooms with red color as it is considered the source of negative energies that could change your luck.

Water Bodies

Though water bodies add a relaxing feature to the home, their location may have a financial effect. Water sources, such as swimming pools, and lakes should be located in the north, northeast, or east direction. An underwater water tank can be found in many homes. Tanks should be placed in the north, east, or northeast, according to Vastu. However, by using Vastu for an underground water tank, keep in mind that if the tanks are above ground level, they should be mounted in the home’s south, southeast, or southwest. So, according to Vastu, the water tank should only be positioned in these locations to maximize the flow of money.

Cash lockers and safes

Vastu recommends the South or Southwest direction on the wall in the safest and most auspicious place for the cash lockers or safes. And it should be in the bedroom and face north whenever opened. Placing a mirror in front of your lockers or safes is a good way to show your money when it’s opened, which represents your wealth being multiplied.

Greenery Garden

Having a money plant in your garden area brings fortune, wealth, and prosperity to your home. To maximize the plant’s effect, it should be put in a green container.

If you do not have a garden due to lack of space, at the very least, have a painting of lush greenery in the northern section of your home. This will boost your professional life and lead to additional profits.

An open and clutter-free environment

Avoid putting any heavy furniture or machinery in the northern area of the home as it is connected with the wealth and try to keep it neat & clean, and clutter-free. Keep the staircase out of this area because it would obstruct the flow of wealth.

Home Entrance

The front door not only makes the first impression on guests, but it also has an effect on the flow of energies entering your home. Maintain a clutter-free entry, give it a glamorous & beautiful look to draw good energies and add riches and happiness into your home.

Doors and Windows

Although windows and doors allow natural sunlight and clean air into your building, they also contribute to space’s overall positive energy. So, it’s critical to keep the glass on your doors and windows shining clean at all times, as dirty glass could block the free flow of fortune into your home.

Taps and faucets

Leaking taps and faucets in your home not only wastes the water, which is a valuable resource in Indian households, but they also reflect the draining of money from your home, according to Vastu Shastra. To avoid losing money, it’s important to get taps and faucets repaired as soon as there’s a leak.


According to Vastu Shastra, having an aquarium in the northeast corner of your home would maximize your income. You should leave a place for an aquarium in this section or smaller tabletop aquariums, on the other hand, may also be placed in this room.

It’s important to note, though, that maintaining an aquarium in the right direction is one thing. You must keep the tank clean and well-oxygenated at all times, or it would have a bad influence on your finances.

Aside from all these points, a number of other considerations may have an effect on your wealth and finances. It’s unlikely for a novice Vastu practitioner to know every rule about color, orientation, and other factors that affect energy balance in a home. Working with a Vastu-trained architect or interior designer will help you navigate the process and make the best decisions possible about the structure of your home and the positioning of décor accessories inside it.

It’s better when you’re constructing a new home, but you may not be able to change the arrangement or style if you purchase a home. Don’t worry if this is the case. Vastu Shastra also has several basic solutions that can be used to fix any flaws in your homes, such as an inauspicious toilet position or the entrance in the wrong direction.

Consult a specialist to make the process of clearing your home’s negative energies so that Vastu can add peace, health, and wealth.