How To Create A Graph In A Google Doc #2022

Better and convenient things always replace the old ones. Here we are talking about the best alternative which reserves the place of Microsoft word and excel sheets. Google documents and excel sheets reserved that place. 

Google launched their document and excel for the one who used to travel as they can be used from any device with a lot of features and free tools, which are missed by Microsoft.

People are using these applications more, nowadays. As they are helping the people to complete their daily tasks easily. One of the regular tasks is to add graphs and charts to your written document. 

There is no direct way to add graphs in a google document but there is nothing to worry about. There is always an alternative possible way of everything. You can add graphs in your google documents with the help of using google sheet.

Why should we use the Google sheet for inserting the graph into the document? 

Sometimes all we need to do is to explain the documents. Graphs became the basic thing to explain the documents easily. Using graphs is a static way to explain the document. You just have to paste or write the given data there and tell the application which application you want to use to generate the graph. 

In the Google documents, enter the data in your spreadsheet, now select it and add the graph you want to.

Ways to create a Graph in PC chrome or Macbook into a Google doc

Following these processes is pretty simple if you are performing them on your computer. Graphs and charts in google doc can be easily completed on your Computer and MAC 

Here we are going to write the steps of combining your google doc into a Google sheet document 

  • Open the file of the Google document in which you want to add a graph. Click on the file. Choose the top menu in check the upper left corner of the document file. Click on the new option, now click on the spreadsheet to open them all together. Now you can see a new google sheet file is open.
  • Now a Google sheet is open to fill all the cells with the data you want to convert into the graph. 
  • Select all the cells in which you insert the data. Now look at the top menu you can find the option of the insert there. Click on it. 
  • Now from all the pop-up options, click on the chart option.
  • Hold on! Now you can see that your data cell is converted into a chart in the form of a spreadsheet.

Ways to copy Chart in Google Doc

If you are good at using computers you must know that the keyboard can play a good role while using your PC. The keyboard can also be useful in copying your data. If you are using a macOS platform then, you can use the CMD + C keyboard command for copying the data. 

If you are a Windows user then you can use the command of CTRL + C for copying.

You can also add charts in your google document by clicking the Insert > chart option. 

From the bottom of the menu, you can have the option of a form sheet by which you can copy and add your most recent graph into it. ( Make sure to give a title to your graph so that you can easily find it ) 

Ways to paste your graph ( If Needed ) 

After copying go back to your google doc and right-click to paste it. Wherever you want in the doc file. The keyboard key to paste the chart into your document is 

For macOS – CMD + V 

For android – Ctrl + V 

Ways to create a graph in your Apple and Android phones 

The process of adding the chart to your mobile phone is quite difficult as it is in windows and macOS. Although there is an application provided by Google named google sheet which helps in creating charts on mobile phones. Although it doesn’t allow you to add your google document with the help of the Google document application. 

But the way to add is that you have to open your google document file in any of your local browsers and add the chart which you have made in google sheets. 

You can download these two applications from your play store if you are an android user. Along with if you are an apple user you can have these applications from the app store. 

Steps to make a chart which you want to add in your google doc. 

  • Download and open the Google sheet application. 
  • Now put the chart data into the spreadsheet. 
  • Choose all the cells of the spreadsheet. 
  • Now in the application top menu you can see the + option, click on it. 
  • Click on the chart option. 
  • The chart will automatically prepare. 
  • If you want you can make the other changes from the options. After completing it save it from the checkmark option. 

After finishing this process import the chart into Google doc. 

  • Make a new document. 
  • Done, now open your browser. 
  • In the upper right corner of your browser you can see 9 dots there. Click on it. 
  • This will open the doc file in the desktop view. Which contains more features as compared to mobile view. 
  • In the browsers menu, you can look for the option of a desktop site. 
  • Now click anywhere on the document to insert the chart. 
  • In the top menu you can give the insert option. Click on it. 
  • Now click on chart 
  • Then from the new options, click on the option of from sheets. 
  • Now on the screen a list will appear containing all your google sheets. Select the one you want. 
  • Select it from the left corner in the lower side of the screen. 
  • Tap on the chart to select. 
  • Now import it from the lower right corner. 
  • And the process is done. You can see your chart in Google doc now. 

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