How to clear Instagram cache- Step By Step Guide #2022

Everything which we use on the Internet needs space. Instagram is one of them. Instagram is an application that stores a lot of catch data which makes our phone’s storage full. Instagram stores the data which you follow on Instagram such as the photo you post on Instagram, your profile, people you search, along with many more things which you do on Instagram. 

Well saving these data by Instagram makes your Instagram experience more favourable. But sometimes this data makes the application clash and can not work properly. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the ways to clear these catches on Instagram. 

Ways to clear the cache on Instagram 

In this article we are going to discuss two important ways which can help you to clearly clear all the caches on Instagram. 

Although making sure following both the processes is mandatory to clear all the catches as if you follow one process and don’t follow the other the process will not work properly. 

First method to follow 

    • Open the Instagram settings 
    • Now click on the account option
    • Click on the browser setting, which helps you to clear all the caches from Instagram. 

This method will help you to clean the caches from Instagram. 

If you want to clean all the caches from your Instagram account then do follow the second process which is – 

  • Go to the Instagram settings again. 
  • Click on the security option. 
  • Now go to the option of search history 
  • Click on the option of clear all button which helps you to clean all the search history of your Instagram search. 

Cleaning caches by using mobile setting 

Mobile settings have the solution to everything. Which can help you to clear all the data from the application system. 

  • Go to the mobile setting 
  • Now go to the place where all the applications and their data can be found. 
  • Search for the Instagram application and open it. 
  • Go to the downward of the screen here you can find the option named as clear caches. 
  • Hit on it

By following this process you can clear all the data and caches from Instagram by using factory settings. 

Third party applications can also help you in clearing the cache from your Instagram application. 

Final words 

Here in this article we have discussed the ways of clearing cache from your Instagram application. Hope you like this article. 

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