How To Choose The Right Tech Stack For Your Startup

How To Choose The Right Tech Stack For Your Startup #2022

Launching a startup is tough, and anyone who has attempted to do so knows it. Successfully launching a startup requires you to take care of several crucial facets. Most entrepreneurs would think about resources and manpower after hearing about the mentioned factors.

Albeit their thought process is not wrong, there is another pivotal factor that needs to be added to the list. Technology plays a critical role in the modern market, and many consider it to be the backbone of the global industry. Numerous brands have installed the best tech stack within their proceedings to garner a global audience, while many have made an inept tech call, and failed to make an impression.

Nevertheless, the importance of a suitable tech stack within a firm is evident, especially if the venture in question is a startup. Pondering about what tech stack to choose for your startup can burn a considerable amount of time, and if you are also facing the dilemma, the blog will help you out.

Want to know how to select the best tech stack for your startups? Read through the blog and understand what tech stack best suits your startup.

What Is A Tech Stack?

Tech or Solutions Stack is the combination of different techs an enterprise utilizes to develop and operate the software. The stack can comprise every factor ranging from frameworks, APIs, to the programming languages used by the developers. You can launch a software project with a handful of key techs and the list can extend to a hundred technologies.

Tech Stack For Your Startup

Here are some of the most commonly used components used to formulate a viable tech stack:

  • Cloud Computing Platform
  • Operating System
  • Programming Language
  • Frontend and Backend Frameworks
  • Analytic Tools
  • Database Management Solutions

Merging these factors result in a tech stack used to maneuver the entire project ecosystem. Now that you have the fundamental understanding of a tech stack, let’s comprehend why it should be picked beforehand.

Reasons To Choose A Tech Stack For Your Startup

Many firms make hasty decisions and hire software consultants before deciding their tech stack. The approach is counterproductive and can cost a fortune in the future. To put things into a better perspective, here are the top reasons why you should choose a tech stack for your startup:

Streamlines The Process

Deciding on a tech stack before running the project puts everyone on the same page. You know what type of software experts you need to hire, and what their jobs would be.

Reduces Cost

When you choose a tech stack, you are reducing your upcoming expenses. You can restrict costs like developers’ salaries, hiring expenses, and software maintenance to a minimum by choosing the best tech stack.

Quick Project Launch

Pre-deciding on a tech stack saves your valuable marketing time as well. It saves you from the hassles of worrying about the dilemma of choosing between performance and quick development. Making a decision becomes simpler with a reliable tech stack backing you.

How To Choose The Best Tech Stack For Your Startup

Here are the most important factors you need to consider while choosing a tech stack for your startup:

1. Weigh Your Project Requirements

To choose a tech stack, you first need to clearly define your project requirements. Before doubling down on any complex frameworks, decide whether they will be needed in the starting stages of the app. If you are developing a single-page app, a huge tech stack won’t be required.

Under such circumstances, React-Node and Django-Python would be your ideal stack. The combination saves development time and resources, which can be used in other activities.

On the other hand, a large-scale app would require a tech stack capable of handling sophisticated processes and a large user base. For such requirements, you need to consider multiple programming languages and frameworks.

Here is an overview of programming languages you can use as per your project needs:

  • Python for statistics and computation
  • PHP for esteemed web apps and websites
  • Java for financial and enterprise software
  • C++ for game development
  • JavaScript for real-time single-page applications

2. Formulate The Perfect Tech Combinations

Before finalizing your tech stack, you need to ensure you have considered the tried and tested tech combinations like:

MEVN, MEAN, or MERN for Web Apps

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • React.js, Vue.js, or Angular
  • Node.js

LNMP, LLMP, or LAMP for Esteemed Sites or Web Applications

  • Linux
  • Nginx, Lighttpd, or Apache
  • MySQL
  • Python, Perl, or PHP

3. Know Where Your Expertise Lies

While choosing the best tech combination is ideal, you cannot ignore your tech expertise. An esteemed tech is worthless if you do not know how to function it. Learning a new tech, tool, or language takes time, which for a startup is pivotal.

Therefore, you need to choose a stack your developers are comfortable with. Otherwise, most of your precious time would be diverted to learning a new stack, hindering the development process. In case you do not want to compromise the quality, you can look over the web to find the best software engineer consultant for hire.

4. No Compromises On Security

Security is the primary concern of everyone partaking in online activities, so you must ensure your project is aptly equipped with security measures. Your tech stack should never compromise on the security section for any reason at all. Assess the languages, tools, and techs’ vulnerability level before finalizing your tech stack.

5. Consider Scalability & Deadlines

Your startup will not stay restricted forever, and it is better to consider such options before it is too late. To ensure this does not happen, you need to choose a scalable tech stack. Ask questions like how quickly the system can cope with the users’ increase and how easy is it to add new functionalities.

Additionally, you need to reflect on your project timeline to decide your tech. In case your timeline is short, you need to integrate techs like Node and Ruby on Rails. Since these techs are designed to increase efficiency and speed, they reduce the overall development time. If you seek more speed, incorporating some reliable third-party tools can prove to be beneficial.

Choose The Ideal Tech Stack For A Successful Project Launch

A startup needs to ponder about several crucial factors in its initial stages, and a tech stack is one of the most essential ones. Choosing the right tech stack can significantly enhance your proceedings while a wrong call can break down the project. Since the process holds such significance, it is viable for you to get confused while making a decision.

The blog has mentioned the top five factors you need to consider while choosing the tech stack for your startup. It has also mentioned some reasons as to why your startup should use a tech stack. Go through the information, and choose the right tech stack to successfully launch your startup.

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