How to change background color on Instagram story – Guide #2022

If you are an active user of Instagram you probably use the Instagram story feature usually.  Most stories are posted by the influencer of bloggers to make a connection among their followers.  You can share quotes, talk about latest issues, share photos and tell about your latest reels and stories.  While uploading the stories on Instagram the users can use various options given in the upper side of the story. 

    • Make a story 
    • Now you can see 5 options on the upper side of the screen. 
  • Triple dots, three stars, a square smiley, Aa, a square with a profile icon. 

You can choose any of the options and can edit and save your story. You can also add music, other photos, ask a quiz, gif, countdown, poll,support, temperature, happy birthday emoji, link, heart emoji and various things. 

Now here in this article we are going to discuss the ways to change background into your Instagram stories. 

  • You can easily upload photos from your mobile gallery as a background photo. 
  • Can add colour tint from the Instagram story. 
  • You can swipe on the screen and filter with colour. 

Changing the background color of your Instagram story 

Here we will discuss about how can we change background colour of our Instagram story.

  • First choose any of the photos which you want to make your story from the camera roll. 
  • Now pick the pen icon from the options. 
  • Choose the colour you want the background should be from the dropper. 
  • Tap on the pen to press and hold the colour on the screen. It can also help in erasing. 


If you want to make an Instagram highlight cover then this option can perfectly help you. For this upload the photo in stories you want and an icon to support it. It’s like you are flying so you can choose the icon of an aeroplane to support it. Now you can change the background colour from the brand colour. 

Final words 

Here in this article we have mentioned the way of changing the background colour of your Instagram story. Your instagram story contains a lot of features. You can explore all the features by using it and can know them more. 

Hope you like the article and found it helpful. You can also share this article with your friends and family. 


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