How To Block Someone On LinkedIn | Step By Step Guide #2022

Are you a job seeker, professional or student? Looking for a job opportunity or an application that can help you in that? Of course, you must know about LinkedIn. An application that helps you to get employment, and provide employers to the company. 

Although social media platforms are not safe all the time. If someone is irritating you by sending offensive messages on LinkedIn you can also block them. 

Well, people can have various reasons to block people on LinkedIn. 

As like they are receiving scammer and spammer messages which is a common thing in every social media platform. 

You can also get dating proposals of professional applications like LinkedIn which can be very irritating sometimes. You can also meet fake profiles and scammers on social media. 

There can be various reasons to block people and their profiles on social media. 

Blocking someone can clear all the connections between you and that person on the media platform LinkedIn. 

Ways to block people on linked in 

Perform this on your computer. 

  • Open your web browser
  • Login to your profile
  • Search the person you are looking for from the search box. 
  • After reaching the profile, look at the three dots. 
  • Now from there choose the report or block option. 
  • You can block from here by the name of the person. 
  • Along with if you are getting that the profile is fake or a scammer’s profile you can also report. 
  • Hit on the block button and it’s done. 

Ways to block on LinkedIn from mobile phone 

If you aren’t able to access your PC right now. You can also perform this from your mobile phone. 

  • Open the LinkedIn application and login into it. 
  • Now go to the search box and enter the name of the person’s profile. 
  • Select the more button option.
  • Now look down at the screen you can have their report or block option. Just hit the option of the block.
  • It will double ask you before blocking the profile. 

Sometimes we even don’t want to visit the person’s profile which we want to block. So in that case follow the given process. 

  • Login into LinkedIn 
  • Click setting and then visibility 
  • Now hit the profile viewing option 
  • Turn it into private mode. 
  • After doing this if you visit someone’s profile there is no information going to deliver to them. 
  • And now you can follow the same process which you followed in the upper ways. 

Final words 

We hope you find this information helpful. Thank you. 

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