How To Block Someone On LinkedIn In 3 Easy Steps

How to Block Someone On LinkedIn In 3 Easy Steps #2022

The game of Block and Unblock is everywhere. Every social media and professional platform give you this option, the option to block and unblock. And you might be looking for a way to block someone on LinkedIn.

If you have been using LinkedIn for quite some time, you’ll notice that they don’t have the block option. And you might be wondering how to block someone on LinkedIn. I have good news!  LinkedIn has added the block and unlocks options to its platform.

Now you can block any individual and companies that you wish not to see your profile. And the best part is they won’t even know that you have blocked them. LinkedIn doesn’t send blocked members any notification when you blocked them.

But if you have shared a LinkedIn Recruiter Account to an individual or company and if you want to block them. They will receive a blocked notification. LinkedIn reserve the right to notify this member of your block. In this article, we’ll be sharing a step-by-step guide to block someone on LinkedIn.

Blocking Someone on LinkedIn

Follow the step below to block someone on LinkedIn.

Step 1

Open LinkedIn and search for the person you want to block by typing their name in the search bar.

Step 2

Once you’re are on their profile, you’ll see the “Message” option, don’t click on it. Instead, click on the “More” option next to the message.

Step 3

Once you click the more option a drop-down will appear. You have lots of options in the drop-down. Decide if you really want to block them. If your final decision is to block them click “report/block” the last option in the drop-down.

Congrats you have blocked someone on LinkedIn.

Additional Note: When you block a person on LinkedIn they won’t able to see your profile nor will they be able to see your post. They also won’t receive any of your notification. 


How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn

Most of the unlocking method for other platforms is just a reverse process. All you have to do is reverse the blocking process, but for LinkedIn, there is little catch. You can’t just reverse the process to unlock a member.

Follow these steps to unblock someone on LinkedIn.

Step 1

Open LinkedIn and homepage and click on the “Me” tab. If you have added a picture on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll see your DP on the “Me” tab.

Step 2

Once you click the “Me” tab, drop down will pop up. Inside the Pop Up you’ll find Setting and Privacy. Click on it!

Step 3

Once you are on the setting and privacy page. You’ll find 4 tabs.

  1. Account
  2. Privacy
  3. Ads
  4.  Communication

Click on the “Privacy” tab. inside the privacy tab, look for “Blocking and Hiding” on the left side of the page.

Step 4

Inside the “Block and Hiding,” option, you’ll find all the members you have blocked, members who’re following you, and who have unfollowed you. Just click the “blocked” option and unblocked all the members you want to unblock.


These are the steps to block and unblock any member from your LinkedIn connection. Make sure you don’t block important and useful connections. Following the steps above you can block someone on LinkedIn.

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