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How To Block Crunchyroll Ads in 5 Easy Steps

Do you love watching anime movies and series? If yes, I’m sure you have heard of Crunchyroll. You can watch thousands of anime films for free on this website. But what about the ads? How do you block Crunchyroll ads in the middle of the show?

I can relate to how annoying ads can be in the middle of the climax. There’re 4 ads in a 24-minute anime video. And if you don’t do something about the ads, you must watch all the 4 ads. You can’t skip it.

There’re lots of ways you can watch anime films on Crunchyroll without ads. You can use the guest pass option, get a premium account, glitch loophole, or use Adlock. We have already written a full article on how to block ads by AdBlock.

In this article, we’ll be sharing how to use the glitch method to block Crunchyroll ads. But you know they can fix the glitch at any time. So there is no guarantee that this method would work forever.

You need not have an account to watch videos on Crunchyroll with the glitch method.

Fellow the steps below to block Crunchyroll ads by glitch manipulation method.

Step 1

Don’t sign in. If you sign in, you won’t be able to use this method.

Step 2

Start the Crunchyroll application and click on the “Anime” tab.

Step 3

Choose the series you want to watch and start the episode. Let the advert take its time to load.

Step 4

Once the advert is loaded you’ll see an option as “Tap for more info.” Click on it and you’ll be directed to a fresh Crunchyroll page. Once you’re are on the page, close it.

Step 5

Once you close it, return to the Crunchyroll app and open the episode again. This time the ads won’t play. You can enjoy watching the video without ads.

This is how you block Crunchyroll ads using the glitch method.

Block Crunchyroll Ads by AdBlock

Step 1

Go to Google search page and search for “AdBlock Google Extension.”

Step 2

Once you are directed to the AdBlock Google Chrome extension page. Click “Add Extension.”

Step 3

Once you add the extension, you’ll see the extension icon on the top right corner of the browser. You can adjust the setting to your preference by clicking the extension icon.

This extension will automatically block Crunchyroll ads for you. Not only on Crunchyroll, but it will block ads from every website you browse.


These are the two ways you can block Crunchyroll ads. You can use AdBlock and try the glitch method at the same time. It won’t matter, but the only problem is that the glitch might be fixed very soon.