How To Block Ads On Twitch With Adblock Plus

How To Block Ads On Twitch With Adblock Plus #2022

Have you heard about Twitch? If No, you can drop this article. But if you use Twitch to stream online or watch online stream videos, you know how annoying sometimes ads can be. And sometimes you wish you could block ads on Twitch.

You’re in the middle of something very interesting and an advertisement pops up. What could be more frustrating than that?

While for those who don’t know about Twitch. Here is the simple definition. Twitch is the one and only live streaming platform. If you’re a gamer, you can take advantage of this platform to live stream and make some money.

Anybody from any part of the world can stream anything on this platform. You can chat and engage in the conversation while you watch the stream.

Let’s not get off the topic. In this article, we’ll cover how to block ads on Twitch. We’ll be using a chrome browser to block Twitch Ads.

Follow the steps below to block ads on Twitch.

Step 1

Open your Chrome browser, and type in Adblock Plus chrome extension in the search area. Make sure you use a legitimate extension. There are also more extensions that have similar names.

Here is the legitimate link to Adblock Plus chrome extension.

Step 2

Once you are on the Adblock Plus page, click on the green icon that has “Get Adblock Plus for Chrome” written on it.

Step 3

Once you click the extension link, you’ll be directed to the chrome extension page.

Step 4

Once you are on the Adblock Plus chrome extension page. On the right side of the page, you’ll find “Add Extension” click on it. Once you click on it, it will say checking and a small file will get download to your system. Don’t freak out at the download. It’s not a virus, it’s a file that helps run the extension smoother.

Step 5

Once you add the extension, you’ll see the extension icon on the top right corner of the browser. You can adjust the setting to your preference by clicking the extension icon.

Additional Info:  Alternatively you can use AdGuard, AdBlock, and Ad-Blocker instead of Adblocker Plus.



Adblocker Plus is one of the best ad blockers on the web. It’ll block all types of ads for your browser, but if you particularly want to block ads on Twitch, this extension is for you.

Using an extension is the only way you can block incoming ads to Twitch. Twitch also gives paid extensions tools that work better than free extensions. But if you’re out of budget, a free extension is your only option.

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