How to Block A Phone Number On Samsung Galaxy S4

Latest Tips – How to Block A Phone Number On Samsung Galaxy S4

/ / Latest Tips – How to Block A Phone Number On Samsung Galaxy S4

In the world of mobile phones receiving random annoying phone calls has become a normal thing. But sometimes people keep disturbing you by calling continually. And you wish you could punch them for their calling habits.

While you need not punch a person to ignore his/her calls. Most of the phones these days come with an inbuilt call block feature. All you have to do is open your setting and block the person number.

In this article, you’ll learn how to block a phone number on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile. So if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S4 user, this article is especially for you. But other Samsung mobile users also can follow these steps to block a number. Though there might be a minor change in the interface in other Samsung Phones.

Follow the below steps to block a phone number on Samsung Galaxy S4

Step 1

Go to settings. You’ll find the setting inside of the menu or on the top of your notification bar. Once you find the setting. Tap on it. The setting is the first place to go to block any number on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Step 2

Once you are inside the setting panel. Make sure you’re in my device option. You’ll find 4 options inside the setting on top of the screen.

  1. a) Connections,
  2. b) My device,
  3. c) Accounts, d) More.

Make sure you’re inside My device option.

Step 3

Inside my device, you’ll find a green call option. Click on it. Now you’re 3 steps to blocking a phone number on Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile.

Step 4

Once you click the Call option and get inside it. Look for the Call rejection option. It should be on the top list of options. Click o it.

Step 5

Once you click the Call rejection option. Inside it, there will be two options.

a) Auto rejects mode,

b) Auto rejects lists.

Click on the auto-reject mode. Once you click on it. 3 options will pop up.

1) Off,

2) All Numbers,

3) Auto rejects Number.

Click on the auto-reject number. Most of the time the setting is automatically set to auto-reject number.

Step 6

Once you turn on the auto-reject number option. Go back to the Auto reject list. Inside the Auto reject lists click on the + sign to add a phone number and click save.

Congratulation, you have successfully blocked a phone number on Samsung Galaxy S4.

Additional Note

On Samsung Galaxy S4 you can block up to 100 numbers. One more feature is you can block the number of the entire city using the city code. You can literally block any number, be it an unknown number, a number from your contact, or number from your call log.

You can also check which block number had tried calling you on your call logs. It will show the block call number as rejected. If you wish you can also unblock the number anytime.


Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to block over 100 numbers on your Samsung Galaxy S4. No more annoying calls. Block anyone you like.

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