How Can You Select a Secure Post and Cable Fencing for Your Property

How Can You Select a Secure Post and Cable Fencing for Your Property? #2022

Whether you want to protect your property from breaches or vehicle impacts, crash-rated post and cable fencing is an excellent system. It offers the benefits of quality, flexibility, and easy installation to suit every project.

Due to increasing incidents of vehicle ramming in the country, many establishments prefer security fencing to protect their infrastructure. However, the selection of the right fencing system needs careful consideration of several factors. They include:

Crash Test Standards and Ratings

The design and testing of the security fencing systems are crucial parameters for selection. They should meet the applicable standards and ratings set by the government. It makes more sense to compare the crash ratings of each product to select the right one. The US Department of State has an effective rating system to test the vehicle barriers against head-on crashes.

Several changes have been made to these standards over the years. In current scenarios, it is essential to follow ASTM international standardsfor the installation of anti-ram vehicle barriers. The ratings are assigned according to the type of test vehicle, speed of the vehicle, and distance of vehicle penetration.

As a property owner, you have to understand the threat types and levels for your site to secure it properly.

Height of the Fence

In the areas that require security fencing, the height of the fence is a critical factor to keep in mind. Choose a taller fencing system, preferably 48″ in height. It makes climbing over the fence difficult for trespassers.

Appropriate height not only provides visual privacy to your property but also keeps your area secluded and protected. Here, the spacing of posts also matters a lot. End to end posts with a spacing of 19.5 can work in almost all types of properties.

Right Fencing Material

Due to its durability and width, expanded metal is an excellent choice for post and cable fencing. It prevents the fencing against prying, cutting, or ramming. However, if you need heavy-duty protection, choose concrete or steel posts that offer excellent resistance to vehicle ramming.

Increase the size of fence posts and concrete footing in this system to improve the overall security of the perimeter. It can resist crashes and prevent unauthorized access to protected areas.

Access Points in the Fencing

Every access point in your fencing is a vulnerable spot for potential intruders to slip into your property. Hence, it will help if you keep fewer points of access to the fencing. Some intruders may also attempt to break into your property from above or below the security fence.

Avoiding significant gaps between the ground and bottom of the fence can prevent this issue. Also, choose the barbed wire, razor coils, spikes, or electronic monitoring on the top of the fencing to avert intrusions. Don’t leave any blind spots between the posts in your fencing system. Add a bottom rail to stop digging under the fence.

Since conventional fencing systems do not have concrete footing, they cannot sustain vehicular breach or ramming. Hence, choosing the right type of post and cable fencing system with firm structure and specifications can keep your establishment safe and protected.

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