How Can I Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software On The Target Phone? [Guide #2022] 

/ / How Can I Spy On A Cell Phone Without Installing Software On The Target Phone? [Guide #2022] 

Sometimes we always crave to know what’s going on in our boyfriend’s, girlfriends’ life or in our loved ones’ lives. Once every time in our life we think we can spy on someone’s phone and get to know what’s inside their phone. Although as per the rumors we think it is impossible or comes with problematic tips and tricks. 

Here in this article, we are going to make the rumor clear and your problem easy. As we have the tricks by which you can spy on a cell phone, without installing software on the target phone. Yes, you read right. Without any application on the target phone. Means you can spy without knowing them and without touching their phone. Cool right? 



Android Compatibility  – It supports every Android Version and Tablet. Or more than android version 4.0  Charges – Gives free Trail and prices plans are basic and premium Works perfectly with the Android platform. This application gives you the easy process to spy and also works remotelyFeatures it gives to check all the new and old messages, calls and can get the location of the mobile phone whom you are trying to Spy on. 

What makes this application more featured 

  • Provides you with the feature to block links or websites on the spy phone. 
  • Allows you to check calls, messages, and track location. 
  • Provides location alert, with the help of Geo-Fencing 
  • Helps to change the location of the phone setting. 
  • Can monitor social applications and many more. 

Although every software has pros and cons let’s discuss 


  • Works with the latest version
  • Can help to cyberbully 
  • You can spy on the current things happening on the mobile phone. 


  • Doesn’t allow you to record the sound 
  • For monitoring the messenger needs to root the device 




An application that helps you to keep an eye on your children and loved ones. Well, this application gives a quick response to the user with the current location of the mobile. 

Features of the Clevguard 

  • Promotes you to check GPS, Wi-Fi, and other location 
  • Allows you to make a remote screenshot 
  • Good network speed promotes you to take real-time data 
  • Record Calls works on multiple languages 
  • Provides customer support. 


  • Remote control without any hassle 
  • Money-back guarantees of the purchased plan within the time duration of 30 days. 


  • One device can be monitored at one time. 

Android Compatibility – Works on Android devices which is higher than the 4.0 version. Pricing – it gives three pricing plans to the users. For a month plan cost – is $25.95, if you take a 3-month plan each month price will be – $16.65, for a one-month plan – 8.32 for every month. 



One of the most used applications for spies and it is cheaper than others too. 

Cocospy helps you to check location, read chats, all chats, help you to spy the people from your contact book and many more. 

Let’s talk about its features 

  • Check data from both, mobile and tablets 
  • Allows you to read chats, messages, Whatsapp, social media, and many more. 
  • Check photos and videos from Gallery 
  • Works on both IOS and Android 


  • Provides keylogger to check the keyword you want to check 
  • Get into all social media and check their chats 
  • For your kids, you can preview and check for the adult contents 
  • Keep an eye on real-time location. 


  • Doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot 
  • Doesn’t work on all devices, as I need rooted devices sometimes. 

Android Compatibility – works on Android devices more than the 4.0 version. The application cost – three plans,

regular one-month premium plan cost – $9.99 a month,basic plan cost – $39.99, family plan cost, $69.99.  Works on both rooted or no rooted devices.  And there are many more applications that can help you to Spy on the targeted devices.  Now we are going to write the process of how you can spy on the cellphone with the help of these applications. 


Process of Spy of the device with the Application 

Let’s target the Mspy application to learn all the steps. Most of the applications work in the same manner. So you can have a quick idea to operate the other spy applications, with its steps. 

Follow the Given steps 

  • Land on the Google page of your phone’s browser. Enter the link to the application. 
  • Now enter your details and login, it doesn’t have details, Sign Up.  
  • Choose your language, and hit the confirm button. 
  • For setting up the monitor device, click the get started button before. 
  • Now choose which kind of device you want to spy on. Android or IOS
The steps we are showing here are for Android phones
  • choose an android device to monitor 
  • Click “Yes” for the targeted devices to access it. 
  • Now hit proceed. 
  • Now choose the brand of your phone, as it asks about it. 
  • For example, we are choosing Samsung’s phone. 
  • Now choose the android version you are using. 
  • Now try to turn off the PlayProtect option from the phone on which you want to spy. 
Ways to turn off PlayProtect 
  1. Open play store into your android device
  2. Now look at the profile icon from there you can see, three icons
  3. From there search, hit the Playprotest option. 
  4. Click on the setting option
  5. From there disable the scan app option and PlayProtest option. 
Start the mobile browser, on the device you want to spy on. 
  1. Visit the given link
  2. Bring out the given Captcha 
  3. Press the download option
  4. Hit the Ok option, so that you can ignore the warning. 
  • Now download the APK, and access the file. It needs the source option, allow it from there. 
  • MSpy application is now ready to access. Now continue with the configuration process. 
  • Give some time to the application to settle down, and read the server. The sync process time also depends on the network quality of the targeted device on which we are doing the spy. 
  • Now you can check all the important messages, calls, SMS history, Gallery, and more you want to check. 


Final words

That’s all for your search on How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? Hope you find the given information helpful.