How an Online Video Maker Can Help Your Business Increase Web Traffic

Video Marketing is one of the most sought out marketing strategies opted by every business. Especially in the current pandemic situation, video marketing has played a significant role in promoting brands and its offering on a larger scale.

However, creating a video does not just mean putting the products’ information in it and getting it done. It involves giving the correct information and putting the proper elements to help SEO and increase your website traffic. With the help of an experienced online video maker, business owners can make their video content work and quickly increase website traffic. Here are some popular ways video makers can help business owners increase engagement in their websites.

Cross-channel Engagement

It is the requirement for every business to regularly interact with engaged and potential customers in any given channel to give a consistent experience with the brand. With the help of an experienced video maker, you can increase traffic towards your moderated website by streamlining your customer experience with the business across all channels. Personalisation marketing is incorporated through the cross-channel marketing business model, per the customer’s preferences. Personalized marketing is considered a critical and successful marketing feature that effectively increases website traffic.

Encourages Sharing Through Social Media Channels

It is a known fact that any engaging video content on social media platforms generates engagements, more sharing of the video content, an increase in web traffic, and, in most cases, more conversions. In the present times, social media is the best place to market your products.

A good and experienced online video maker will help you create engaging video content for your offerings to let the viewers know more about the products and how the products work, thereby helping build brand awareness. Video makers will assist you in developing various forms of videos like how-to videos, explainer videos or educational videos that the viewers will benefit from and share through different social media channels.

Compatible with Various Devices

The video content must be compatible with different devices, i.e. the quality of the video should not be compromised when viewed on a laptop or a smartphone. With the help of a professional online video maker, business owners can make format accessibility for any given gadget. Today, most viewers watch most content on their mobile devices; hence, the video content should be compatible with mobile viewing. Making videos compatible with various devices also aids in increasing web traffic, as the video content will create curiosity in the minds of the consumers. They will visit the website to check out the products and services.

Helps in Understanding the Products and Services

To do successful video marketing, the target audiences must understand the products and services the business owners are offering to them. Products can be complex, and thereby making a simple explainer video will help the businesses reach out to the customers and increase brand awareness, thus aiding in visiting the business website. Furthermore, it is proved that more than 60% of the customers make purchases after watching the video of the product. Hence, video content not only helps the customers understand the offerings, but also helps increase the web traffic and eventual purchase.

Increases the Email Click-Through

Video content sent through emails helps in getting three times the response. Including video content links in email guarantees click-through, but care should be taken not to include the video files in the email, as large files tend to go into the spam folders. Instead of sending video content through email, one should send an attractive thumbnail from the video in the body of the email. Then, the viewers can click it, and it will take them to the business website or landing page. Another tried and tested way to increase the email click-through is by adding the word “Video” in the subject line; this increases the open rate and increases the traffic towards the website.

Improvement in the SERP

Search engines usually favor video content and place it on the first page of the search results. This has offered more options to the video marketers in creating and developing more creative videos to boost the traffic towards the websites. Furthermore, with the help of video ads on the SERP page, it has helped the businesses attract more customers to their website and subsequently converted them into loyal customers. It will also help the businesses to have an engaging video on the homepage of their website as it allows the website to have a place on the first page of search results. Therefore, video makers will help the business owners develop an engaging and educative video for their website and improve their SERP.

Using Interactive Video to Increase the Traffic

Interactive video content helps a great deal in keeping the customers and potential customers engaged. An Interactive video lets one place the links to the business website, call-to-action and many other interactions with the viewers at the relevant places in the video when the viewers are totally immersed in the video content playing in front of them. For example, an experienced online video maker will smartly show the product and services the business is offering in the video and send the viewers directly to the landing page; to buy the products instead of putting the website link in the description box of the video that is played.


Video content is one of the most successful ways to improve a website’s SEO ranking. This is because most of our online experience with the products and services starts with search engine results and eventually visiting the company’s website. Thereby, the website owners must prioritize keeping visually impressive video content on their website to attract more traffic towards the company. It is also essential that the video maker revisits the videos regularly and make changes, if necessary, to make the video content more viable to the viewers.


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