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Top 10 Best Hindi Learning Apps Android / IOS #2021

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Language is a symbol of the culture which is running down through generations, Hindi has its origin language. Out of 7.5 billion population around the globe, 320 billion people speak Hindi across the world. Hindi is far easy to speak and understand when compared to another language.
To learn the Hindi language here we have the best learning Hindi apps.
Hindi has several variations of it, is spoken commonly and understood all over India. It has to be a nationwide language. Hindi is much logical, accurate and precise in terms of usage. Hindi is easier to pronounce and easy to implement you can take the help of the Hindi learning app.
Hindi can unite India from different variations than any other language. Hindi is simpler if you understand the basics and muster them by Hindi apps. Here, we are gonna tell you extremely useful  Hindi learning apps which can provide quick and direct information.
So stop wondering and start learning Hindi….!!!!


 It is one of the most popular language-learning app. The structure of Duolingo is to be highly motivating. It is great to learn basic grammar and vocabulary. It gamifies language learning. It helps you to build fluent in Hindi. It will make you learn the Hindi language in a very short period of time. It is really enchanting to use.


It is a free mobile app for both iOS and Android. It acts as a complete guide for people who want to learn and speak Hindi and another language. No reading. No typing. Just 5 minutes a day.
   That’s how Drops promises you to get learn lessons. This app is a clear explanation.
This application can give an easier developing your Hindi,100%  This app can approach your very nice features or functionality which are very specific. Drops provide a nice platform that gives you flashcards to learn the Hindi language.


 It is pretty much systematic and also focuses on the vocabulary part. It does a pretty good job of acclimating the words with pictures and through that, the sounds with the Cyrillic characters. It is a very good tool to understand easily Hindi.
     It is the most effective as it is also allowed to learn grammar implicitly and gives real conversational practice.


Memrise is sleek and appealing and does have a leader board for who enjoy a little competition. It is incredibly useful to make you understand the Hindi language. It leads you to quicker auditive comprehension in real life. It is a quick and smooth way to review your words. It makes you learn and speak faster Hindi. It’s quite easy. To learn the Hindi language you desire and have doing it.


It can help you instantly anywhere you need it. Your Hindi can improve by using this application as it is very interesting or easy.  You can learn almost any language type anything in the language you know and get the result in the  Hindi language you want to know.
It also gets the pronunciation of the sentence. Google  Translator helps you to translate the ‘phrases’ and makes it simple to learn. You will rapidly see the difference in some short period of time
Google Translate helped you move to more advanced tools of learning through reading and writing!!


 It is rated as one of the best Hindi learning apps. It makes you comfit with the steps to steps guide to understanding the grammar, phrases and interactive sessions. It is expressive to talk with person to person in a few time.  It will discover your desires using the bathroom power of one to one mentoring personality, tests and skills and assessments. The tutorials viewing on the app are very enchanting with captivating scores!!


  It is a clean and simple user interface that enables children to learn Hindi in a fun, interactive and gamified way. Children learn through playing on the app. It will assist with your fluency.  Every word that is taught in the app is explained by an interesting animation that appeals to children keeps them engaged. This application absolutely plays a vital role to anyone who’s looking to learn the Hindi language in a very short time.


 It is high-rated and leading app. It is the best language-focused app. It makes you found great exchange partners for your own languages on it. This app helps you to make friends from other places and you can be there friend and take classes from them and help them also.  It is very entertaining and it will not take much of your time. It is a very interesting app and promotes you with useful tips in your learning.


 It aims to make learning serene by providing each Hindi alphabet with a picture of the particular things and makes it very interesting. It’s gamified learning and spaced reporting play a vital role to make your brain a speedy understand and retain the section of a language faster. This is a fantastic app to introduce Hindi alphabets to children in a fun way. It is a great app for improving vocabulary. A great mix of games that help you new words through repetition.


It is free for iOS and iPad. In this app, kids learn Hindi rhymes videos and nursery songs. Kids will easily connect to it in an interesting phase. The app includes mesmerizing animation and very fascinating characters. A child learns a language instinctively. This app tends to introduce vocabulary and structures in unnatural and decontextualized examples.


Here, we have to presume you the finest list of the Hindi learning apps which are easy as pie to make your keen interest learn and understand without suffering. These applications will really help you gain some knowledge and boost confidence. These apps are easy to use and very helpful for you.
It helps you to concrete examples and then explains. Definitely you will be benefitted. Show your love by liking the ‘Like’ tap below. Suggest what your opinions would like the comment below. Hope this helped you to solve your problem.

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